Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. discusses her book Angel Medicine

Doreen Virtue
Angel Medicine

Doreen Virtue, author of Angel Medicine, and Steven Farmer, author of Power Animals came to the Bodhi Tree Bookstore in November 2004 to present and discuss their books. They have been married for several years and frequently travel and lecture together.

Doreen Virtue is a lifelong clairvoyant who works with the angelic, elemental and ascended-master realms. Doreen holds Ph.D., M.A., and B.A. university degrees in counseling psychology, and is a former director of inpatient and outpatient psychiatric facilities at various hospitals.

Stephen D. Farmer, Ph.D. is a spiritual psychotherapist, shamanic practitioner and minister.

First up, Steven presents his book Power Animals, which instructs and guides you to connect with your power animal. Then Steven introduces Doreen Virtue, who discusses her book, Angel Medicine. Both a spiritual adventure story and a reference book, Angel Medicine is a three-part work that relates the story of Doreen's recovery of memories of Atlantian healing methods along with messages from Hermes -- the Egyptian and Greek prophet and deity -- and the angels.

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The following is an edited version of Doreen Virtue and Steven Farmer's Bodhi Tree Bookstore presentation.

Steven Farmer, Ph.D discusses his book Power Animals

Steven Farmer: I have studied shamanism or shamanic practice for about 15 years and Power Animals came as a result of some of my work. Over the years, I've discovered that one of my missions, or an aspect of my mission, is to take from shamanism those elements and spiritual technologies that can be useful in today's world. You know, and God knows, we need as much help as we can get and as many spiritual guides as we can muster. Not too many, necessarily, but ones that really can give us some power to deal both in the spiritual world as well as in the material world. I think it is much needed today. We all know, as evidenced by the presence of the Bodhi Tree Bookstore and everybody here that there is a real evolution in consciousness going on. Consider some of the children that are coming in these days. Doreen may make reference to the "Indigo Children", the "Crystal Children", or the "Rainbow Children". We have the privilege and the advantage of mentoring these children and helping to bring them along. And in order to do so, we continue to expand and increase our own spiritual repertoire.

Power Animals is a really cool book. It is selling very well but more important than how well it's selling is the feedback I've gotten about how useful it is. It's designed and constructed so that you can really work with it yourself. And along with the book, there is a CD that has five significant tracks. The first track is "How to Retrieve Your Power Animal". It uses a combination of "meditation" and "shamanic journey" that I call a "meditation journey". A friend of mine gave me a tip long ago, and he said you should talk people through a journey. And again, you don't even have to be interested in shamanism to find this book useful. That's the other cool thing about it. I give you very specific directions on how to find that power animal. The second track is called a "Divination Journey", which means when you go to your power animal or animal spirit guide as an oracle with a life question. Something you have a question for which you want an answer. And he or she will give you very specific answers to those messages. Another track is a drumming journey that you can do on your own. There's no voiceover. There is a "rattle" track for those of you who like a softer sound. And the fifth track is one of my favorite instruments -- it's a didgeridoo. An Australia friend of mine, Ash Dargan, who's an exceptional didgeridoo player, created this with me. I got to play the click sticks and he did the didgeridoo journey. It is sort of an open-ended meditation or open-ended journey, if you would like to use it as a journey.

There's a lot of ways to use the book. One of my favorite ways is as an oracle. In the first several pages is a description of what power animals, spirit animal guides or totem animals are. There's 36 different animal spirits that I've worked with, and with each one of them, I was able to get a communication or a message from that animal spirit. As you may know Doreen does this all the time, and it's not entirely new for me, but to really have it focused in this way on the book was kind of interesting. I would sit with an animal, such as a raccoon, and meditate. I would be in front of the word processor and go into an altered state and start typing. When I'd come out of the altered state, I would read it. Sometimes this would be late at night. I would read it and think, "I'm not sure about that." "We'll see," "I'm not sure." "Who was writing that, me or was I making this up?" And then I would read it the next morning and "Wow." I'd get chills in the back of my neck. Like I was there. That's our job when we're getting communications from any of our spirit guides, whether they're archangels, goddesses, which Doreen's going to talk about, or spirit animal guides. And somebody once said, "When you get chills, it's either A, you're getting sick, or B, you're having a spiritual experience." And I was feeling quite well, so I knew I wasn't getting the flu or something like that.

Just briefly, let me explain the difference between spirit animal guides and totem animals because we hear these terms quite a bit. I am sure a lot of you have heard that expression totem animals and power animals, which is really pulled or borrowed from some northwestern, northern Native American tribes and coastal tribes. Spirit animal guides is sort of a generic term and describes when an animal comes to you, even briefly for a few minutes. For example, a lady was talking to me on the phone for a radio interview about the hummingbird. She and her friend were out enjoying the day, and a hummingbird came up to her about a foot and a half away and hovered right there in front of her nose. Now that's not necessarily a power animal or even a totem animal, but would you think there's a message there? She said the hummingbird didn't even go near her friend. It wouldn't even look at her friend.

Another example is a Seattle radio show I did with Cameron Steele. We're getting the show started and doing a little chitchat before we go on the air. And when we came on the air, he says, "My God, Steven, you won't believe this. I'm sitting here looking out this window at this tree. I've looked out this window five days a week for the last three years and I've never seen anything like it. There's all these crows. In fact, a couple of them tried to get in through the window. And we're all going, wow, that's amazing, that's great. And he reads from Animal Power about the crow or a raven, which we bunched together in the book. And it fit him exactly -- crow or raven, the key word is magic. When we work with raven, or if raven is our power animal, we can move back and forth more easily between the dark and the light. You see ravens with magicians a lot. So as he's reading this, he said, "It's very interesting about this because my nickname for many years now has been Wizard. And sometimes the password I use is Magic." Magic is the key word for raven or crow. And he agreed that he had that gift of being able to go back and forth between the light and the dark to transport into light and manifest it into the dark, to move from the dark into the light. One of the things about power animals after we've developed a relationship with them is that they do often tend to have characteristics that resemble ours. So spirit animal guides is sort of a generic term. It could be a spirit animal that shows up for a period of time and there are two ways to surmise if there is a message for you. One is if that animal shows up in any form physical or symbolic, or in dreams or visions in an unusual way. Such as a vivid dream, a hummingbird in front of the nose or crows out in a tree that you've been looking at for three years and they've never been there. Or, another way to surmise that there is a message for you is if they show up repeatedly in a short space of time. In other words, if you are talking to somebody and you're taking a walk in the woods, all of a sudden a deer runs by. Well, a deer in the woods is not unusual, would you say? A deer maybe on the street might be a little unusual, but in the woods, no. But then about 15 minutes later, after you come out of the woods, you go into this little shop and there's all these deer statuettes. And then you realize, okay, that's two. And then maybe an hour later, you overhear a conversation, as you're sitting down for a latte between people talking about deer. In my book, three times is enough.

Now, how do you discern the message from that spirit animal guide? Take a breath, close your eyes and ask. Ask that spirit animal to come to you. You might get a vision of the spirit animal. You might be able to actually see it in your mind's eye. You might get a message auditorially, which is another way. Some of us tend to be more auditory. It is like a voice in the head. A third way might be kinesthetic, which is a feeling. You just get a sense of what this animal spirit is trying to tell you. And the fourth way is what we call cognitive or inspiration. Doreen speaks about these four ways as well. Spirit animal guides might hang out with you for a year or two and show up from time to time. For instance, for me, hawk is a spirit animal guide. He's not a totem animal or a power animal, but shows up quite frequently to give me a teaching. But I don't have the same kind of relationship with that as I do with my power animals.

The second phrase that we use frequently is totem animals. Totem animals tend to be one of two kinds or two definitions, if you will. Totems are those little figures that we have that we carry around for example like owl feathers and are things that represent that animal in some way. Teddy bears are another example. I do believe that when we give our children stuffed bunnies or teddy bears, that if we can allow ourselves to enter into that sense of wonder and magic and awe of the mystery and convey to that child that there is a power to this icon or this totem of the bear, then what happens is the spirit of the bear gets called upon to help protect the child. Isn't that cool? Now this is speaking to your soul's reality, not to left brain logic. That is not logical in the usual sense of the word, but to the soul and the soul's reality, it's completely logical. That's the magic of the world, and that's the enchantment and the magic that we need to work with and allow ourselves to move into and to do so daily. So that is one definition of totem. Another definition, typically, is that totems are considered to be a spirit animal that is associated with a group. It could be a family or a clan or a community or a tribe, or in our contemporary culture, we have sports teams. Can you think of some? The Miami Dolphins, The Philadelphia Eagles, and the St Louis Rams. Even in Australia, where we've traveled quite a bit, they have the St. George Dragons. Those are totems, too. Another example is the Elks Club or The Loyal Order of Moose. Those are totem animals. Now whether we're conscious or not of that, those particular animals, spirit animals, are being called.

Also, so-called mythological animals, although they don't have representations in the physical form here on earth at this time, are totem animals. My wife Doreen will tell you that unicorns are just as real and some people work with dragons. That's fine. I don't have personal experience with so-called mythological animals, but I don't have any doubt about their realness. You can work with them and call upon them to help you answer questions that you may have, or give you advice or counsel.

Power animals. Here's the distinction I make with power animals. Power animals are a shamanic concept. Again, you don't have to be interested in shamanism or be a shamanic practitioner to work with power animals. That's the cool thing about this, is that you can call on them and you can work with them. Typically, you get power animals through a vision quest in which you would go out in the wilderness for three or four days. Again, it's not just a Native American concept. It's cross-cultural. The Aborigines, the Mongolians, and our ancestors thousands of years ago worked with these very ideas as a part of their daily life.

So power animals are a shamanic concept typically gotten through a shamanic journey, which is not that difficult to learn how to do. The modification I made on the CD [packaged with the book] was a meditation journey but it is actually a guided shamanic journey. And it's also blessed. Nothing bad will happen to you as you are really well protected and it is quite an amazing experience. I describe it in the book Power Animals but in the CD, on the voiceover for the meditation, I describe exactly what you do. You have my voice guiding you through the whole process to go and find in a particular way and then retrieve a power animal.

The second thing about power animals is that you develop a relationship with them that's very personal and unique. Unlike totem animals or the more generic, animal spirit guides, these will be with you likely for the rest of your life.

I would suggest that if this catches your attention to try it. Don't believe me or disbelieve me. Be your own experimenter. The best science is when you put your beliefs and disbeliefs aside and just try it out. See what happens. Amazing things happen with your power animals.

After you retrieve the power animal you develop a relationship with him or her. How do you develop a relationship? Well, you go visit once in a while. Close your eyes. Go in. Say hello. See what's happening. Go play and frolic a little bit in the meadow. You don't have to go always with a purpose such as to get advice or counsel, although that's often how I work with my power animals. And also, work with one for a couple of years. It's like any friendship-you want to develop it and nurture that friendship. I want to encourage you with power animals, particularly, is that you can develop and deepen the relationship. And what do you do? What kind of things do you do? Well, you can dance your animal. What you do is put on some music, whatever music that fits that particular animal. Let the animal come and merge with you -- it doesn't mean take over your body or possess your body, because you're in control of that. But let the animal come and be a part of you, and then move with them, or another way to say it is let them move you, and see what happens. You might see that you feel like an eagle and so you go, "wooh," and you might start making sounds like the animal. And it's a trip. It's fun. And why would you do that? Because you're honoring your spirit, power, or totem animal guide. By the way, I don't care whether you call them totem animal or power animal, but I would like to have you think about their distinction to some degree.

What else do you do? You go out in the woods. Sit in the woods for maybe an hour or two. Maybe take a rattle, if you're so inclined to do that, or just sit in the woods. And then call on your animal, your spirit animal guide, your power animal, and ask them to teach you a song, a song that honors them and your relationship. And again, you'd be surprised what happens if you just are willing and open to allow this to happen. And that folks is what it takes whether you're working with archangels, ancestors, spirit guides of any way, shape or form, including animal spirit guides, is the willingness to be open to the world of magic. It is not just going into fantasy but it is a way to help you practically in this world. That's the beauty of it. Just like my wife Doreen, I'm interested in things that help us have a better life and a better world. And in this process of conscious evolution that we're all participating in, it doesn't matter what labels you put on it. I know in my heart of hearts that we can turn things around. Especially as we work with animal spirits, it connects us to the earth much more intimately. We begin to see these third dimensional animals. We begin to find a more intimate relationship, not only with our brothers and sisters, our animal brothers and sisters, but the plant kingdom as well. And again, more than concept, we begin to discover and experience that interconnectedness that we have with all of life, and we come to appreciate and respect this wonderful, wonderful, magnificent planet we're on, where the sky is glowing like it did yesterday after the rains. Did you notice that, just towards sunset? Awesome. Just to be able to appreciate and be grateful about that. And what I hope and pray for and want to encourage all of us to do this work for is that our grandchildren's grandchildren can look at that same sky and that they can walk in the garden and enjoy the beauty of the flowers. And maybe they even get back to a closer relationship with the animals, the actual animals. And this is a way to develop that.

One of the ways you can use this book is as an oracle. It is sort of like Doreen's "angel cards" or her "mermaid cards". One way you can use this as an oracle is to simply want a message and you allow your fingers to do the walking. You put your hand somewhere in the book and open it and read the message, the communication to you. Can you come on up and help me with this? What's your name? Sabrina [a nine year old girl] All you do with your eyes closed is put your hand on the book right there, and you tell me when to stop.

Sabrina: Stop.

Farmer: Okay. We come up with a possum. Opossum. I'm going to read the message. Now, what I want you to do is take a nice deep breath. Just take this in and see if there's relevance to you in this message. Now it may not be the entire message, it might just be one line that jumps out at you.

So Sabrina's unconscious or subconscious chose a possum. The key word-every animal has a key word here-is strategy. And it's interesting because I hadn't thought of a possum at all for some time, and today I was thinking, a possum. I got to call on a possum for strategy. There's a situation that I need some help with. So it's interesting that a possum shows up.

See if this speaks to you, especially if we have any actors in the group here. The opossum's great if you're an actor or actress. Seriously.

A possum's message for you. All this fuss and bother about my playing dead, or that I somehow make myself play dead is poppycock. I'm really very easily scared, even though it may not look like it when I'm laid out on the ground. The truth is that whenever someone threatens me, I get so overwhelmed that I just freeze and fall over. It's a pretty good talent that the Creator gifted me with, wouldn't you say so? I even smell like I'm dead at those times, so everyone leaves me alone. See, that could come in handy sometimes, couldn't it? Of course, with a skill like this, it's natural to want to cultivate it to a fine art, so I've gotten very good at it. Yeah, I know it's a bit extreme, but it works. You don't have to play dead, but do whatever you have to when you feel threatened. There are a lot of variations on that theme. You can act tired, make up a story that allows you to leave, pretend you're not feeling well, act like you're not afraid even if you're terrified, or act afraid even if you're not. Any of these actions and more will help you out in uncomfortable situations. They don't have to life-threatening situations for these strategies to work in your favor. Just don't fool yourself. Just don't fool yourself. A nice perk is that when you get really good at this, you start seeing through others' facades without feeling the need to expose them.

Now, did that speak to anybody? I'm just curious. Come on, let's see your hands if you got something from that. Okay. So probably about 75 percent of you. Power Animals is a multi-faceted tool that you can have in your library and as a resource that's available to you. You can take it as far as you want. You can go all the way to using the drumming, didgeridoo and the rattling tracks. Or you can use it as oracle, or you can just play with it and experiment with it.

Now I want to introduce someone who's going to talk to you about other kinds of spirit guides. Doreen Virtue and I have been husband and wife for just about four years now and together almost five years. Some of you have read Doreen's book Healing with the Fairies. I'm the guy you read about in it. Same guy. And for those of you who haven't, the brief side of the story is that we met in yoga class about five years ago. We were flirting with one another and one thing led to another. It took about a year before I asked her out because of the circumstances I was in and she was in. On our second date, we had gone on a brief walk on the beach. The next night we went to see "Almost Famous," that great Cameron Crowe movie. We started talking about where we grew up. Oh, North Hollywood. Oh, me, too. Yeah, whereabouts? Oh, by Lankershim, Victory. Victory and Vineland, right in that neighborhood. You know that neighborhood. Yeah. Well, yeah, there's a little street there. It's a cul-de-sac about 30 houses on it called Craner Avenue. Oh, yeah, really? I was on Craner Avenue, too. Yeah, I was at 60... somewhere in the depths of my memory came my address from when I was 13 and 14 years old, 14 and 15 years old, and I say, yeah, 6227 Craner Avenue. And she says, "I was at 6215." "That's two doors away." I said, "Yeah, I was at the end of the cul-de-sac in these apartments with my parents." And she backed up as we were walking into the show, and she said, "Oh, my God, you're the guy." And I say, "What guy?" And yeah, she was like five at the time, a little girl. I remember that for a while. It took me a little while to get a visual memory of her. The chatty little kid that wanted to figure out how I did my ventriloquist dummy is how I remembered her eventually. But we put everything together and she said, "I had a crush on you." A little girl crush on you, the James Dean kind of kid that was down at the end of the street there at the cul-de-sac. Doreen is just an absolute doll and a gorgeous woman, inside and out. She is intelligent, and more than even that is that we share a common purpose, which is beautiful to be able to share, especially at this stage of our lives. We travel quite a bit together. Let me introduce my beautiful wife, Dr. Doreen Virtue, who will talk to you about goddesses and archangels and angel medicine.


Power Animals:
How to Connect with Your Animal Spirit Guide

by Steven D. Farmer
267 pp. with an enclosed CD. Clothbound. ISBN 1401903320. Hay House

Power Animals: How to Connect with Your Animal Spirit Guide

From the beginning of our species time in the natural world, we have had a complex and interwoven relationship with all of God's creatures. With this book and CD, Steven Farmer helps us to remember this relationship by teaching us how to discover spirit animal guides and connect with our power animal. Once we have determined who our power animal is, we can refer to the text to learn what it says about us, find instructions on how to call upon the spirit animal, and read a channeled message from that animal spirit. Additional tracks on the CD can help us consult our power animals as an oracle. Steven Farrmer writes, "Through your willingness to work with these spiritual beings, you'll discover a deeper and more intimate connection with the animals that exist here on the earth. You'll enjoy a greater appreciation of, and respect for, your own instinctual nature, and learn to increasingly trust it to help guide you through the joys and challenges of living in the world as it is today." For further information, see his website at

Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. discusses her book Angel Medicine

DOREEN VIRTUE: How is everyone tonight? Good. It's a real magical story that we have. I'm really glad to be back at the Bodhi Tree. It's an honhor to be here. In New Age circles, this is considered Carnegie Hall.


When my husband and I ended up without plans on a little island off of Greece called Santorini, I never dreamed that it would change my life. I thought we were going for a sunny Mediterranean vacation. Greece has a different light than anywhere in the world. It's golden. And it's magical, and it's ancient. And right away, I started falling asleep spontaneously during the middle of the day. Not leisurely naps in the sun, but crawling into bed, tired beyond belief, and then having lucid, colorful dreams with messages and visitations. And I'd wake up and I'd remember the dreams, and I would write them down. And I soon found that I was on a spiritual journey of connecting to ancient beings from a civilization known as Atlantis. Santorini is reputed to be the last remaining land mass of Atlantis, which is a real civilization that has relevance for us now, especially here in America. The angels of Atlantis, which include the archangel Michael, who's still with us, came to me and told me that I had lived during Atlantis, which surprised me because I had always thought Lemuria had been my previous life experience, being a real West Coast gal and being very drawn to the beaches and the Hawaiian Islands, which are a part of the Lemurian energy. I never really thought much about Atlantis, but during the series of spontaneous visitations during daytime sleep, I received some messages that completely put my life in a different direction. There's so much to tell.

I remembered the healing temples of Atlantis, and there were many of them. And they were throughout the area that connects the Mediterranean coastline to the United Kingdom and also to Egypt and going down into Indonesia. And it was an ancient culture that they have told me that all lightworkers lived in. Lightworkers are those of us who in this lifetime feel compelled to make a big difference in the world. And they said that in these healing temples, we used light and colors and love to heal. And they showed me in the healing temples crystal beds and priestesses and priests, not religious priests or priestesses, but these are people who are very connected to the pure spirit and pure divine wisdom, who would hold crystals above the chakras of each patient lying on a crystal bed. In the middle of the healing temple was a pyramid of light, a multi-dimensional pyramid of light with an eye in the middle. And this eye would take the light and cast it into the crystals that the priestesses would hold over the patients, and they would be healed, powerfully healed. And the message of the archangels who came to me from Atlantis was that we need to recapture this healing modality of light.

Some of the bottom line that they taught me, since we don't have that much time tonight, was that we have gotten away from a big source of light, that is the moon and the stars and the sun. And they told me something that I verified through scientific research once I got back to the mainland of America. They told me that the onset of modern disease like cancer and diabetes and such, happened precisely in our history at the same time that light bulbs went into widespread use. I couldn't believe it when they told me, but sure enough my research verified that fact. They said that that's when we all came indoors, and we started missing the sunrises, which they said are color-coordinated, color-created to awaken our chakras to stimulate energy in the morning much like we now use caffeine for. They said that if we go out, and not through a window because window filters through the rays of the color and the healthful rays, but if we go outside in a sunrise and witness that, we would not need caffeine. And then they said that the sunlight itself is necessary for emotional and mental health. Why, because they said sunlight has all the bands of the rainbow colors. The whole spectrum of light comes through sunlight. They said, of course, it's not prudent to get sunburn. That's not what we're talking about, but they said we want you outside without hats, without sunglasses, because sunglasses fool your hormones into believing that you are in the shade. Your pituitary gland thinks that you are in the shade and that's why you get sunburn wearing sunglasses, and they said without the chemical-laden sunscreens that you are all wearing, we want you out 20 minutes a day in the morning or the afternoon, getting full spectrum light. They said if you're not getting this rainbow energy, you will get depressed. Now, I'm a scientist. I have three degrees in psychology, and I know a lot about brain chemistry. And this fits together with my previous research, which is that the brain chemical serotonin is a necessary chemical that we create every night while we're sleeping. We don't store it up. We have to create it at night when we're in REM sleep cycle, when we're dreaming. If you don't create enough serotonin at night, you will wake up grouchy, moody, irritable, hungry for refined carbohydrates, such as pasta and breads and sugar and candy and such, and your energy will be low. Low serotonin's also correlated with enuresis or bedwetting and with exacerbated PMS symptoms. In other words, it's not good to have low serotonin. And PS, the modern mental health drugs, like Ritalin and Prozac, guess what they do? Increase serotonin. So it's an artificial means that we are using because we're not out in the sunlight enough. The number one way to make your serotonin up every day so that you don't crave refined carbohydrates, so that you don't have big PMS symptoms, so that you have more stable mood and energy, is to get some sunlight every day. Other methods include 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercise every day. In Ancient Greece, a health recommendation was to exercise outside in the sunlight, and they did it in the nude. Now I don't think we could get away with that here in Southern California. Maybe we could be a new reality show. But there's ancient wisdom in what used to be called heliotherapy -- sun therapy, that we've gotten away from. We've thrown the baby out with the bath water. It makes sense because our chakra system which is an internal rainbow that you have on your spinal column connects to this gift that we've been given by the universe of the rainbow energy, the full spectrum sunlight, which clears our chakras, keeps us healthy, keeps our brain chemistry alive -- serotonin, and gets us out of this epidemic we have right now of anxiety, depression, and breast cancer -- a huge concern. In my book, I've got hard scientific facts that show that women who live in northern climates are statistically almost double more likely to get breast cancer than women who live in sunny locales. And they've teased out the factors such as skin cancer, which is on the rise, but did you know that what's on the rise is non-fatal and easily treatable skin cancer? And that it far is eclipsed by the rise in breast cancer rates, which scientists say is correlated to lack of vitamin D in women because they're not getting sunlight. They've also found the same thing in women in the Middle East who are wearing burkhas, where they're completely covered. Sunniest place on earth -- the Middle East, but these women have vitamin D deficiencies and it's creating severe health problems in women over there.

The angels taught me this, and I right away took off my sunglasses. I haven't worn sunglasses since I got this message, and people who have read my book, Angel Medicine, and the messages that came through here in the health prescriptions have told me that it has changed their life. That simple little thing. Sunsets, they told me, are designed to make your chakras go nighty-night and help prepare you for a good night's sleep. One of the cycles that we tend to get in that's very unhealthy but easy to happen is that we turn to sedatives at night to sleep, such as wine, alcohol or some sort of drug, and that interrupts your REM sleep cycle. You don't dream as much when you take sedatives or drink alcohol at night before going to bed. So that means you wake up with low serotonin and you think it's a hangover, but it's not a hangover, it's low serotonin. Then you turn to stimulants like caffeine and sugar to get going in the morning. The cycle that we're in is absolutely not necessary. If we would watch sunrises in the morning and sunsets at night, the angels say that we could be chemical free.

The angels taught me some healing methods with addictions that work hand in hand with the 12-step methods and have helped people to lose weight. I've got case studies in Angel Medicine of people getting off of cocaine, cigarettes, alcohol, or chocolate! Scientists have found that chocolate is very similar in its brain effects to marijuana, and they also found other correlations between chocolate and marijuana, but they can't remember what they are.

When I went through my past life memories at the Atlantean healing temples, I met an ascended master named Hermes. Hermes gave me information about Atlantis's connection to the Knight's Templer. The deities who were at Atlantis are now considered to be ascended masters. They were living people in Atlantis. Beings like Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, was alive and well in Atlantis. Hermes, who's also known in Egyptian mythology, as Thoth, is very real, by the way, not mythological. He is also known as Mercury. And in Celtic lore, he's known as Merlin. He's the same being. Avalon and Atlantis were concurrent civilizations. Avalon just lasted longer. Hermes and his wisdom was taken with the Ark of the Covenant to the Middle East when Atlantis fell, and it was held in secret there and placed into Solomon's temple later when it was built, and this was also connected to Enoch. Enoch at the end of his mortal life became the Archangel Metatron. Metatron is the archangel who's overseeing the "new children or Indigo Children" right now. Indigo children, by the way, if you're not familiar with that term -- they're not really children anymore, they're actually young adults -- are usually someone who was born between 1975 and 1995, but can be someone who was born before or after, who's highly sensitive, who's got a warrior personality, who's a born leader, who's a born old soul, and doesn't do well with anyone who's out of integrity. Indigos have a built-in truth detector and they know who's lying, they know who's BS-ing them, and they know who's manipulating or placating them. They also know that the energy of the educational system is a dinosaur and that a lot of what they're learning in school is totally irrelevant to their future life as adults, and so they're not doing real well in school. Many of these Indigo Children are mislabeled, in my clinical opinion, as ADHD. They are being put into chemical straitjackets such as Ritalin, which is up 500 percent in prescriptions worldwide. In my opinion, the most important purpose of lightworkers to tackle is helping these indigos to get off of chemicals, because they are here to save us from ourselves. They're here to eradicate corruption from the systems that we don't seem to know what to do about or we get scared. Indigo's are not scared. Indigo's are ready to go right to the fire Mordor and take that ring and drop it in the fire. They're Frodo.

The Crystal Children started coming in about 1995, and you've seen them. They've got the big eyes and they stare right through you. It's almost unnerving because they can see inside of you. Crystal children are little magical children. They're like little Harry Potters, and they know a lot about crystals and chakras without having been taught. They see the angels, and they speak wordlessly to their parents and grandparents. They speak telepathically and the parents understand them. The only trouble happens with Crystal Children is when the mom or dad takes the little girl or little boy out of the house and someone comes up to that crystal child and says, "Oh, hello there. What do you want to be when you grow up?" The child answers telepathically. Mom's going, "Honey, you gotta talk out loud." Mom gets a little freaked out, takes the crystal child to a school psychologist who says, "The only thing close that I have as a diagnosis is autism." Boom, your child's autistic because the PDR and the DSM used to diagnose people haven't kept up with the evolution of humanity that we're witnessing right now. The books that we use to diagnose people are an art form, not a science. There's nothing in there that says telepathic communication. All they list are late talkers, Asperger's syndrome, or autism. And the media is screaming that there's an epidemic of autism at the same time that these new Crystal Children have incarnated, again, to save us. We prayed for help, it came, and now we're misunderstanding them and medicating them. We need help with this. If you feel guided to help these amazing new children, please ask Archangel Metatron and Mother Mary, the ascended masters and archangels who are here to help them, for a divine assignment, and they will be very happy to give you one. Very happy.

The goddesses are the most ancient form of spirituality that we have. In all the cultural research that we have, the Creator was thought of as a mother way back before Abraham, way back before monotheism. We called God, Goddess. Why, because women give birth. Now, in the '80s a "goddess" movement started that seemed to be a little bit about male bashing. Man bad, women good, that kind of thing. That is also too polarized. That also didn't work. The new goddess movement that we're working with is about balance and is about the fact that in every man there's a feminine energy, and in every woman there's a male energy. The feminine energy within all of us is highly psychic and our intuition is needed right now. Intuition is what helps people during, say, presidential campaigns to know what's a lie and what's the truth. Hopefully during the next few years we can get a lot of people's intuition open. The goddesses help us with psychic development, intuition, nurturing, relationships, etc.

I want to introduce you to a few of my friends. First of all, though, I want to assuage any possible fears you might have about working with the goddesses. Like some of you, I was raised in a New Age family, but it was pretty mainstream for New Age. I was raised in new-thought religion, Christian Science, Unity and Religious Science. And even though we were doing thought miracle healings, it was pretty much Jesus, Holy Spirit and God. Anything outside of that was paganism. When I was growing up, paganism meant devil worship. And it wasn't until I did my own research later that I found out that the word "pagan" actually means country dweller. It means someone who worships outside of nature. Not someone who worships nature, necessarily, but sees God in everything. I think that most of us these days sees God everywhere. The ancient religions, as I said, viewed God as a woman, because women give birth. In ancient cultures, it wasn't always understood that when a couple made love and that nine months later she gave birth, that there was a connection to the man that was involved with that birth process, because that's a long period of time -- nine months -- to really understand. So we believe that ancient peoples didn't really understand how procreation occurred physically. The goddess originally was called Sophia, Isis, or Astarte, and in Celtic cultures, she was known as Danya. She's on the cover of my book Animal Medicine. She's beautiful. All the goddesses are beautiful. Danya was the mother goddess before the Gaelics in the UK, especially Ireland, and the people who followed Danya were called the Tuathdedananns. When the Gaels went to Ireland to take it over, the Tuathdedananns had a few choices. One, they could fight back. Two, they could run away. And the third one is that they could ask Danya for help with this predicament. So they asked Danya, what should we do, and she told them, don't worry about it, I'll take care of it. So when the Gaelics got to Ireland, the Tuathdedananns in faith turned the whole situation over to Danya, their creator goddess, and she turned them all into leprechauns the wee people. If you've been to Ireland or you are going, everybody in Ireland believes in leprechauns, and you can see and feel them. We met CPAs who wear three-piece business suits who put out candy at night for the leprechauns. Everybody believes in leprechauns there, and it's the Tuathdedananns. Here's Freya, the Nordic goddess [cards from The Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards]. The day of the week Friday is named after Freya, who is the goddess of having fun, partying, and flirting, can help you if you are looking for a new love. She can help bring out that attractiveness in you. There's goddesses of all races, religions and backgrounds in this deck. Here's a beautiful Maru, who is a mother goddess from Africa, who helps us with environmentalism. She helps with Mother Earth. Ostara, who helps with those of you who want to conceive a child or adopt a child. She helps with fertility.

The goddesses can help all of us, and one in particular that I want to tell you about, especially for any of you who are moving, either renting or buying. Her name is Kali. Some of you are gasping. I was giving a workshop in Phoenix this last weekend, and there was a man who had a booth at the Expo I was speaking at that had relics from ancient India temples of these goddesses. He had Lakshmi and he had Durga, and he had Kali. And I told him, I said I'm giving a workshop on goddesses. Can I use these statues in my workshop? And he said, "Well, which goddesses are you invoking, Miss?" I said, "Well, Lakshmi," and he said, "Okay, here's a statue." And of course, Ganesha, the elephant-headed deity who's Lakshmi's best friend, goes with her. And then I said, "Kali." And he said, "Huuh. You're invoking Kali? Do you know what you're doing?" And I said, "Oh, yes, she's one of my best friends." But she's misunderstood, as a lot of powerful women are.

Kali is a Hindu goddess of endings and beginnings. And it's perfect as we go into wintertime to call on her, because she helps to usher out that which is no longer needed in your life. Think about what you're ready to drop. And Kali will make sure it's gone. Now this is a powerful goddess. I want to tell you this. The reason that this man got a little freaked out I was calling her is because a lot of people don't understand how she works. Here's what she does. She's the goddess of desperate situations. She's very helpful if you're traveling or if you're moving and there's any problem with your escrow or renting or anything like that. If you call on her, she says, "I will help you with anything, but get out of the way and let me do my job." Now here's how you call her. You just think her name. Kali, help me with this. You treat her with great respect. She doesn't like to be joked about. I can joke about Archangel Michael and Raphael, but don't joke with Kali. Don't mess with this girl. And you watch what happens. You really want that part in that movie? Ask Kali for help. You really want a house on the beach? Ask Kali for help. You really want to drop those 20 pounds? Ask Kali for help. Anything that seems to not be moving in your life, she'll make movement, but don't try to help her. Just simply ask and get out of the way. Every time I've called on her the results have far exceeded what I've asked for. These goddesses love us like mother loves us. And it's all aspects of feminine energy -- the maiden; the playful, innocent, or flirtatious energy. Mother -- the nurturing, come here, baby, I'll make it all better and kiss you energy. And the crone, sage energy that teaches us and gives us wisdom and helps us with our spiritual teaching practice.

The angels of Atlantis said to me this message that they'd like to convey most of all. "Reclaim your manifestation and healing powers immediately. Religious practices have discouraged individuals from seeking power by inflicting labels of heresy and treason upon them. The guilt and the fear still permeate deep in the subconscious mind. This includes the fear of standing out, of being unique and distinctive. You've associated this attention with being vulnerable, so you sabotage yourselves again and again by not publicly addressing the truths and the problems that you see. You rein yourselves in and you only allow so much attention to be cast in your direction before you hide in your protective cloaks." Pass along this information, please.

Healing energy is freely available to everyone. No one is especially gifted. There are only those who are free to choose to capitalize upon their inner strengths, or to shrink from them. The world is colder and darker each time an individual shudders from the thought of speaking up. Even if your message isn't well received, the properties involved with the message are spread energetically throughout the land for time eternal. To each and every one of you, your words, your thoughts, and your feelings are pure poetry. Don't rush to hide or discount your words, but instead, capitalize on them to make each other stronger. You will energetically evolve at much faster rates during this sharing and swapping of thoughts and ideas. So speak of them openly and comfortably. Do not shy away from public appearances where you tell your stories and give teachings. Bless everyone you see, no matter how they treat you. Your spiritual daily vitamin comes from this practice -- to visualize blessings coursing through your bloodstream, cleansing and vitalizing your body. Fill up your mind - powerful, powerful energy is available to each and every one of us for the asking. Please don't be afraid to call on the spirit world to help you, and know that they want to help you with so-called small things and large things, and everything in between. They want your peace. And however you get that peace, they're here to help you with it. Free of charge. No salesman will call. No strings attached. They won't take away your fun or your goodies. They just want you to have a good time, and yes, you deserve it. You deserve this help. Why? Because the more that you allow yourself to receive, the more that you have to give to others. This is a beautiful cycle of sharing, giving and receiving. Feminine energy is about receiving. Ladies, we sometimes get too unbalanced in our masculine energy because of the jobs that we have that require us to be worriers. We get unbalanced and we forget about receiving.

Tonight, I'm going to ask you to consciously make the decision to receive something, some gift, whether it's a smile, a compliment, a hug, or a gift. Perhaps it is someone allowing you to go ahead of them while you're driving home. Consciously practice receiving, ladies, and watch your clairvoyance open up even more. And men, your energy's about giving. Hopefully, as ladies are more open to receiving, that divine dance of giving and receiving -- the shakti and the shiva -- can harmonize again. We need male energy and we need female energy in balance. In this country and around the world, we need powerful women. The time is now and the goddesses can help you.

I'm often asked if I give readings privately. And the answer is I can't. Not right now. I'm being so pushed by the angels to travel and teach and write pretty much non-stop that I prayed for help. Because there was just a real crying need for angel readings, I was told to teach a class about working with angels and healing with angels, and that the people who were supposed to be there would know they were supposed to be there without me advertising. They would be given enough money and time and baby-sitting and transportation, everything they needed to show us, and it happened. I started "Angel Therapy" in 1996 and have been teaching ever since. Graduates of the program are in private practice and give angel readings. Some of the "Angel Therapy Practitioners" have specialties such as working with "Indigo Children", "Rainbow energy" or crystals. They all do angel mediumship and readings on the phone or in person. If you're interested in coming to Angel Therapy, our class schedule is on the website. Please excuse me if that sounded like a commercial. It's not.

I want to close with a prayer. There's so much healing energy in here that I really want to capitalize on it and send it to places that need it.

Thank you, Mother Father Creator. Thank you, our Holy High Spirit. Thank you Ascended Masters, Archangels, Ancestors, Guardian Angels and Elementals and our Power Animals. Thank you all for your loving attention and your willingness to help us. We ask that you remind us to ask for help more often than we do. Please continue to have patience with us as we're still learning and growing. Help us to forgive ourselves and release guilt for what we think we did or did not do. Help us to find that inner flame and divinity within ourselves, within each other, and within each situation. And please, help us to experience peace on earth in our lifetime. And so it is.

Thank you very much. Thank you Bodhi Tree.

Angel Medicine:
How to Heal the Body and Mind with the Help of the Angels

By Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.
258 pp. Clothbound. ISBN 1401902340. Hay House

When Doreen Virtue visited Santorini Island in Greece recently, she was contacted by a powerful group of angels calling themselves the "angels of Atlantis." Doreen was then taken on an amazing spiritual adventure, where she uncovered the ancient secrets of the healing temples of the lost civilizations of Atlantis.

Angel Medicine: How to Heal the Body and Mind with the Help of the 

Both a spiritual adventure story and a reference book, Angel Medicine is a three-part work that relates the exciting story of Doreen's recovery of memories of Atlantean healing methods along with messages from Hermes - the Egyptian and Greek prophet and deity - and the angels. The second and third parts of the book reveal the scientific studies, case studies, methods and charts supporting the importance of love and light in healing. Doreen Virtue urges us to team up with the angels so that we can experience miraculous healings physically, spiritually, emotionally, financially, and intellectually.

She writes, "And while we can grow through pain and struggle, we can grow even faster through peace. Anything that helps us be peaceful - no matter how large or small - is something that the angels are happy to assist us with. However, we've got to ask for their help before they're allowed to intervene because of the 'Law of Free Will,' through which the Universe operates." For more information about Doreen Virtue,

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