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Dog Spirit : Hounds, Howlings, and Hocus Pocus

Paperback by Patricia Telesco

An enthralling, illustrated look at the dog’s prominent place in myth and magic by the highly acclaimed author of more than 30 books on magic and folklore.

• Presents the canine connection to magic, including amulets, charms, spells, and rituals.

• Explains how to determine your dog’s personality through astrology,as well as dog symbolism in dreams.

• 120 color and black-and-white illustrations throughout make this a wonderful gift book.

In Greece the dog was a symbol for courage and devotion; in China dogs have represented good fortune and joy since Fo-Hi began encouraging their breeding in 3400 B.C. An entire volume of the sacred Zoroastrian text, the Zend Avista, is devoted to the care and breeding of dogs, and dogs were regarded as the preeminent symbol of loyalty in medieval Europe. In contrast, the dog’s wild relatives, such as the much maligned wolf, have long been regarded as symbols of humanity’s darker side.

Dog Spirit explores the different roles dogs and their canine relatives have played in the religious and magical traditions of societies throughout the world, emphasizing the importance of dogs as totems, companions, and even gods. Patricia Telesco provides astrological guidelines for determining your dog’s personality and examines the role of dogs in dream interpretation and magic rituals. Personable, soulful, and the very spirit of loyalty, dogs have throughout history held a special place in the human heart and imagination that no other animal can claim.


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