Joan Ranquet is an animal communicator, energy healer, author, and public speaker. In this teaching, Joan Ranquet demystifies the process of telepathic communication, and discusses what animals actually want and need to be happy.

Learning Objectives

In this teaching, you will:

  • Assess what animals want and need to be happy
  • Compare the communications you give to and receive from your animals 
  •  “Get quiet and be neutral” in order to hear your animals
  • Create an intention for the type of environment you want to cultivate in your home
  • Practice being the “emotional leader” of your household

Guiding Thoughts

Before listening to the modules in this teaching, please reflect on the following questions:

  • Joan Ranquet says that everyone is an animal communicator. It is just a matter of learning to “get quiet and be neutral” so that you can actually hear what your animals are saying. Do you see yourself as an animal communicator? If not, would you like to be?
  • Joan Ranquet believes that each household has a distinct field of energy, or “morphic resonance,” which can be felt by the animals that live there. Are your pets sensitive to the energy around them? Would you like to consciously create the energy in your home?
  • Our animals have their own purposes in life. They may love and help us, and we can certainly learn from them, but each has its own trajectory and karma. Have you ever considered the unique purposes or karma of your pets? How are theirs different from yours?

As you listen to the modules in this teaching, actively take notes of any ideas or questions that come to you. You may listen to the modules as many times as you like.

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