In this teaching, Yogi Cameron discusses his book, The Yogi Code: Seven Universal Laws of Infinite Success. After a successful career as a fashion model, Yogi Cameron left Paris for southern India, where he became a decades-long student of Ayurveda and ancient yogic traditions. Based on these experiences, Yogi Cameron developed the Yogi Code—a series of seven keys to unlock our inner wisdom and help us achieve our highest potential.

Learning Objectives

In this teaching, you will:

  • Examine yourself and your relationships
  • Analyze your intentions and purpose in life
  • Apply the Yogi Code to create a daily spiritual practice 
  • Develop your intuition and connect with your “inner guru”
  • Practice a mantra and breathing meditation

Guiding Thoughts

Before watching the modules in this teaching, please reflect on the following questions:

  • We hold great wisdom within us, but we must be in touch with ourselves—our inner voice—in order to access it. How well do you know yourself? Would you like to get to know yourself better?
  • Having a daily routine and spiritual practice is crucial if you want to achieve your full potential. Do you have a daily practice? If not, would you like one? And if so, how might you fine-tune it?
  • Being of service is an attitude of “we, not me.” True service comes from the heart, not the ego. Do you have a service mentality? Would you like to increase your ability to think of others, do for others, and be available for others in your life?

As you watch the modules in this teaching, actively take notes of any ideas or questions that come to you. You may watch the modules as many times as you like.

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