The New Moon in Sagittarius Brings Expansiveness & Hopefulness


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The New Moon in Sagittarius Brings Expansiveness & Hopefulness

Your Weekly Astrology Forecast for December 3–9, 2018

’Tis the season, with the Sun and Jupiter in sunny, optimistic Sagittarius, combining with the Sun this week to form an exuberant, hopeful New Moon in Sagittarius. We can say “Yes” to the holidays. Jupiter in Sagittarius encourages us to expand our knowledge through travel, study and adventure. Mercury turns direct on December 6, and then communications will begin to clear. Enjoy the expansiveness and the sparkle of the holiday season ahead.

The Week Begins with Emotional Energy

Monday, December 3, the Libra Moon is opposed by Uranus, possibly knocking many things off balance. After a two-hour Void of Course Moon (VoC) late morning (10:16am–11:55am PST), then Luna moves into the deep, dark waters of Scorpio, joining Venus, amplifying our emotions and passions. A benefic Mercury-Chiron trine enables healing conversations.

Emotional sensitivity and compassionate understanding infuse our lives through benefic aspects in water signs on Tuesday. The Scorpio Moon makes a flowing trine to Mars and Neptune, and retrograde Mercury (in Scorpio) makes benefic aspects to the Moon’s nodes. Intuition and understanding are strong. Fences can be mended today and issues with strong emotional content can be addressed successfully. Express the love and appreciation that you feel.

A Sagittarius Moon Brings Enthusiasm & Uplifting Energy Midweek

Wednesday is a day to pause and drink in the beauty that surrounds you. Inspiration infuses you. Allow the day to be easy. The Moon is VoC from 1:52pm–6:49pm PDT, a time period framed for routine tasks rather than meetings and definitive actions. After the Moon bursts into Sagittarius at 6:49pm PDT, you may get a few things accomplished before bedtime.

We bounce out of bed with vim, vigor and enthusiasm on Thursday, buoyed by a Moon-Jupiter conjunction in the sunny sign of Sagittarius. Later in the evening, the Moon joins the Sun to make a New Moon at 15:07 Sagittarius. Mercury turns direct in motion, which means communication will start to clear and be more straightforward in the coming days. This New Moon in Sagittarius uplifts us toward greater spiritual aspirations. Sagittarius symbolizes worldwide cultures, philosophies, religions and spirituality as well as travel. Sagittarius loves adventure and expanding worldviews and consciousness. How will you lift your life higher in one or more of these areas? Today is the day to set new intentions for the next month in these areas or themes.

Mars and Neptune, two planets with quite different agendas, are exactly conjunct in the sign of Pisces on Friday. While this alignment can compromise energy and lead to nowhere or cause confusion, in its higher manifestation it can encourages us to give ourselves to selfless service. Consider how you could spring into public service. Mars is activating the Uranus-Neptune semi-square that perfects December 15 and continues through mid-2019. The Uranus-Neptune semi-square symbolizes raising consciousness, and enables us to move beyond the limitations of the physical plane.

A Capricorn Moon Highlights Weekend Work and Accomplishment

Although it’s the weekend, Saturday is framed for work. The Moon is in cardinal earth Capricorn, symbolizing work and accomplishment. Take advantage of this serious, driven energy to get many tasks on your holiday list accomplished. The Moon conjuncts Saturn, drawing us to our duties. At the end of this day, look back, satisfied, about how much you accomplished.

The weekend work grind continues on Sunday with more demands for serious, hard work from the Capricorn Moon. Morning is a little softer as a result of a benefic lunar aspect to Neptune. However, Sunday evening’s lunar conjunction to Pluto is a serious, strong, demanding end to the weekend. Lean in to your goals and tasks for the week ahead and make a strong plan for great—or at least satisfying—accomplishment.

The Week in Short

Monday: Surprising morning. Moon VoC 10:16am–11:55am PST. Passionate afternoon and evening. Healing conversations are possible.

Tuesday: Emotionally sensitive, compassionate day. Express love and appreciation.

Wednesday: Pause and drink in the beauty of the day.

Thursday: New Moon in Sagittarius. Positive, uplifting day. Mercury turns direct. Communication will begin to clear.

Friday: Give yourself to selfless service, and open to higher consciousness.

Saturday: Although it’s the weekend, focus on work and accomplishment.

Sunday: Another demanding work day. Dig in and give your all.

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About the author

Cathy Coleman, PhD, is an East-West Astrologer, meaning she incorporates both Western and Eastern astrological principles and analyses into her readings. She holds a doctoral degree in East-West psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies and has been a practitioner of astrology for over 35 years. She is an NCGR-PAA (National Council of Geocosmic Research-Professional Astrological Association) Level IV Consulting Astrologer. She was in the first graduating class of the Online College of Astrology (OCA)—now the International Academy of Astrology, and the Online College of Vedic Astrology, is a certified Astro*Carto*Grapher, and is an ISAR (International Society of Astrological Research)-Certified Astrological Professional. She was president of Kepler College from 2001–2003. 

Cathy is the president of the NCGR San Francisco Chapter, and lives in Sonoma with her husband, Ralph Metzner. Her mission is to help people express the full potential of their lives and navigate through challenges using the ancient knowledge and wisdom of Eastern and Western astrology.


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