Your Weekly Astrology Forecast for February 11–17, 2019

This week’s highlight is a Mars-Uranus conjunction, exact on February 12. The Mars-Uranus aspect can be reckless, so go slowly and cautiously, but it can also be exciting, inventive and invigorating. Put the energies to work on a constructive, innovative project that requires a lot of energy. You can activate this energy consciously in various small ways. For example, try a new exercise; take a new route or method of transportation to work; explore something new in your community, start a home improvement project; or learn more about astrology. If you know where this conjunction falls in your horoscope (what house holds the sign of Aries), then activate the symbolism of that house.

All things sensual are highlighted on Monday and Tuesday with the Moon in Taurus. Make your home a little more visually pleasing. Water and nourish your plants, and grace your space with beautiful flowers. We are inspired on Monday by the Moon’s benefic aspects to Venus and Neptune. Continue to exercise caution, as Mars is nearing an exact conjunction to Uranus, perfecting on Tuesday, which can make us erratic and impulsive, but also determined and creative.

Brace Yourself for Tuesday’s Mars-Uranus Conjunction

Late on Tuesday Mars exactly conjuncts Uranus at the anaretic degree of 29 Aries. The anaretic, or last degree, of any sign is a sensitive degree point. There is often too much or too little of the energy and symbolism. Mars-Uranus can be reckless and explosive. Move carefully, and with extra consciousness. At the same time, this energy can help us push through stuck patterns. Make space for big change.

On Wednesday the Moon is in Gemini, generating chatter and curiosity. Wednesday belongs to Mercury, the messenger god. Open up, communicate and connect.

Mars Enters Taurus Toward Week’s End

Thursday, Valentine’s Day, Mars enters fixed earth sign Taurus tropically, where it will reside for the next six weeks. Mars ushers in a six-week period when we can finish what is already in motion before we embark on any new projects. Patient, plodding, diligent work will bring results.

The Moon is in its comfortable ruling sign of Cancer on Friday, making benefic aspects to Uranus, Mars and Mercury. Be compassionate and caring, and spend sweet time with loved ones.

Challenging Energy Casts a Shadow Over the Weekend

In contrast to Friday, Saturday contains some challenging energy. The sensitive Cancer Moon opposes Saturn in the morning, and Pluto in the evening. These aspects push us to deal with insecurities and responsibilities. They are demanding and unforgiving. Be on your toes, meet your responsibilities, and do your best.

The Moon bounces into fun, fixed fire Leo early Sunday morning, ushering in a day of fun. However, the fun could be spoiled by conflict generated by the Moon’s edgy square to Mars and Uranus. If things get tense, find a creative, playful way to change the energy.

The Week in Short

Monday: Inspiring, creative day.

Tuesday: Mars and Uranus conjunct at the sensitive last degree of Aries. Go slowly, carefully and consciously, as this is an extremely dynamic energy.

Wednesday: Communicate and be curious.

Thursday: Plodding forward will bring results.

Friday: Spend time with family.

Saturday: Do your best in the face of challenge and adversity.

Sunday: Make this a fun day, and if tension mounts, find a playful way to divert it.

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About the author

Cathy Coleman, PhD, is an East-West Astrologer, meaning she incorporates both Western and Eastern astrological principles and analyses into her readings. She holds a doctoral degree in East-West psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies and has been a practitioner of astrology for over 35 years. She is an NCGR-PAA (National Council of Geocosmic Research-Professional Astrological Association) Level IV Consulting Astrologer. She was in the first graduating class of the Online College of Astrology (OCA)—now the International Academy of Astrology, and the Online College of Vedic Astrology, is a certified Astro*Carto*Grapher, and is an ISAR (International Society of Astrological Research)-Certified Astrological Professional. She was president of Kepler College from 2001–2003. 

Cathy is the president of the NCGR San Francisco Chapter and lives in Sonoma with her husband, Ralph Metzner. Her mission is to help people express the full potential of their lives and navigate through challenges using the ancient knowledge and wisdom of Eastern and Western astrology.