The Sun continues to shine in the sign of Scorpio tropically (until November 21). This time draws us into deep truths, inner journeys and attention to deep financial concerns that will sustain us. Savor this inner, quiet time so that you will be ready for the holiday season when the Sun moves into Sagittarius in two weeks.

A strong planetary theme over the last few weeks has been the Saturn-Uranus trine, closing in exact this coming week on Saturday, November 11. This alignment calls for new endeavors and structures in your life that will take you in new and expanded directions. You can apply the attention and discipline to change something or to create something new. Use the gift of this positive alignment to make progress toward one or more of your life-enhancing goals.

A Gemini Moon Encourages Curiosity This Week

Daylight Savings Time ended at 2:00am Sunday, bringing more light to our mornings, and more darkness to our evenings. Sunday’s Gemini Moon encourages curiosity and communication. Mercury bolts into chatty Sagittarius through December 1, where it has a lot to say—enthusiastically. Fun! While you are drawn to the month of solitude and deep inner experience while the Sun is in Scorpio (October 23–November 21), you are drawn to communicate and chat and share while Mercury is in Sagittarius through December 1. This combination of conversation and solitary self-reflection may lead you to deep insights over the next month.

We may be bound up by self-limitation and self-doubt as a result of Monday’s Moon-Chiron-Saturn T-square. Old wounds may surface. This is a mutable T-square, so the key to the bind you may find yourself in is movement and flexibility—and hard work. A Moon-Uranus sextile may break the logjams. Be open to your intuition and creativity, and to breaking free of limiting patterns.

Focus on Home and Family Midweek

Home and family are themes highlighted Tuesday and Wednesday in the light of the Cancer Moon. Venus moves into Scorpio tropically until December 1, ramping up our passions. This is an excellent time to focus on finances and investments, particularly as they support your comfort and security. The Cancer Moon forms a benefic Grand Trine with Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, supporting the Tuesday’s endeavors. A lunar square to Mars is a bit edgy, but the Grand Water Trine should wash away the angst. Wednesday’s energies are more edgy and volatile than Tuesday’s, as the Cancer Moon opposes Pluto and squares Uranus. Embrace change!

Bounce out of bed Thursday with the light of the fiery and playful Leo Moon. The Sun is in an exact opportunistic sextile to Pluto. Center yourself in what is meaningful in your life, and then open yourself up to a creative expression of who you truly are and what you value. Friday is a day for play. If working, be creative and inspired. Go dancing Friday evening and live it up! The rest of the weekend is staged for work and duty.

The Weekend is Primed for Productivity

The Moon is in Virgo tropically Saturday morning through Monday afternoon. The Moon in Virgo calls us to attend to the work at hand, to clean house and get organized. It’s the clean-up time of the month. The big event Saturday is the last exact trine of Saturn to Uranus, an aspect that calls us to create structures for our new and extraordinary ideas. In addition, the Virgo Moon makes numerous benefic aspects, which should give us practical energy and efficiency to do our work. This day is full of tremendous potential, so use it wisely and consciously. Sunday is yet another great, productive day. Put on some music while you go about your work. This is not a day to relax. Make the most of this industrious, yet inspiring day.

The Week in Short

Sunday: Exciting day of communication and curiosity.

Monday: Break free of self-limiting binds.

Tuesday: Water Grand Trine supports the day’s endeavors. Focus on finances and investments.

Wednesday: While we seek comfort and familiarity, embrace change.

Thursday: Bright, playful, creative day!

Friday: Be creative and inspired. Dance!

Saturday: Clean house and get organized. Build on extraordinary ideas!

Sunday: Make the most of this inspiring, industrious day!

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