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Holiday Gift Guide: Bodhi Tree Staff Picks

To help you on your quest for the perfect gifts this holiday season (and beyond), we’re sharing our favorite must-have pieces that not only help us on the path to conscious living, but also make us happy. There’s something for everyone on your list, from ritual boxes and chimes to smudge bundles and spirit feather wands, and a little bit in between.

Bodhi Tree Ritual Box for Surrendering & Releasing

The Ritual Box for Surrendering & Releasing is a great way to show your love and support to a friend or loved one who may be going through a time of self-reflection or transition—or even yourself. At $45, you’ll get all of the tools you need to perform a symbolic cord-cutting ritual that will leave you feeling reconnected and in touch with yourself and those around you. —Margot, e-commerce product manager [Note: All Bodhi Tree ritual boxes are excluded from Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions.]

Kayuragi Incense Cones

Whether burning one to help me relax or for use in a ritual, I really like the Kayuragi Incense Cones. The packaging is beautiful and the scents are unique (Aloeswood, Pomegranate and White Peach, to name just a few), which make them great gifts. —David, logistics coordinator

Phases of the Moon Garland

I love this brass Phases of the Moon Garland. I have mine hanging in my hallway, and when I walk by it makes soft sounds as the moons move against the wall. Guests always ask me, “Where’d you get this?!” so I’m confident that you can’t go wrong gifting this to anyone on your list (even yourself). And if brass isn’t a decor fit, it also comes in silver. —Naima, digital marketing manager

White Spirit Feather with Rose Quartz Orb

This handcrafted White Spirit Feather with Rose Quartz Orb wand is a unique intention-setting tool that has ancient roots. Simply hold the crystal point toward the body to channel positive energy inward, or away from the body to draw out negative energy, and use the feather end to fan energy in circular motions. Rose quartz is known as the “heart stone,” making this wand a thoughtful gift for someone who may be looking for love or healing after heartbreak. —Ted, CEO

Bodhi Tree Signature Smudge Bundle

I love this Bodhi Tree Signature Smudge Bundle because it’s the perfect stocking stuffer for your mindful companion. The sustainably sourced bundle includes California white sage, a stick of palo santo and a seed crystal—all of which will help to clear the stagnant energies from 2018, and bring in renewed energy and positivity for 2019. —Kristina, category manager

Handmade Desert Bells

Whether these bronze Handmade Desert Bells are used for ceremony or decoration, they look and sound unique. They’re handcrafted in India and have a beautiful patina from the cooling process. I especially like the deeper tone of the larger bells. —Eric, director of warehouse operations

Bead Relief Bracelets

I really like these Bead Relief Bracelets. They come in so many fun colors that you can mix and match. They’re only $6 each (or $25 for a set of 5) and the proceeds to go various nonprofit charities, making them a great gift for your socially conscious friends. —Chelsea, warehouse manager

Bodhi Tree Smudge Essentials Box

This Smudge Essentials Box is an excellent starter kit for anyone beginning to work with sacred smoke and energy clearing. Due to the popular nature of white sage, it’s important to be mindful of the source. I greatly appreciate the integrity behind the sustainable sourcing of all components of this kit, including this powerful plant that has been used ceremonially by indigenous peoples for centuries. —Gina, customer service representative [Note: All Bodhi Tree ritual boxes are excluded from Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions.]

Bodhi Tree Palo Santo

I absolutely love palo santo. Not only does it make any space smell great, but it also relaxes you and cleanses the air. My kids like to follow me around while I smudge the house, and then after the stick burns out I let each of them have a turn at holding it and pretending to smudge. This Bodhi Tree Palo Santo bundle is a great deal—especially knowing that it’s ethically sourced and all-natural. —Joe, director of web development

Dua Danti Giver of Blessings Chime

I have this handmade Dua Danti Giver of Blessings Chime hanging on my balcony right now, and every time I hear it I’m transported to a faraway land. In Feng Shui, a chime and its placement can help bring positive energy into your life, making this a gift that truly keeps on giving. (Read Unblocking Your Chi with Chimes to learn more about the benefits of chimes and Feng Shui.) —Pamela, managing editor

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