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Tura Sugden Butterscotch Slice Earrings

With opaque, translucent, clear and rough-edged designs, gem and mineral slices have transformed the way we view imperfection and hopefully, perfection. Their finely-shaped specks of brilliant color enliven traditional shapes. Using only recycled gold and rough cut diamonds, Tura Sugden uses thin, slightly faceted slices to add sparkle to a classic ring.

MQuan Extra Small Round Brown Thrown Bell...


Care and thought went into every design decision made by the artist when crafting this tiny three- to four-inch bell. The hemp was organically grown and its ends hand-bound. The knocker is beveled reclaimed wood. This wheel-thrown stoneware bell is so tiny it can sneak it into a quiet corner&mdash hung alone or in a cluster of a few of them. Bells are said to pay homage to the present through sound.