Globe 3.5 Glass Cloche

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An elegant bubble of glass protects and contains collectibles


Why We Love This

This glass globe is a graceful version of something used for other purposes, perhaps in the kitchen. Here it can sit on a tabletop or over a base, covering any arrangement of interesting objects. We also like using it to contain a terrarium.


The designers of this display case understand the importance of honoring favorite objects. The blown glass dome allows for an exhibition of any type of tiny treasure. Use this decorative piece as part of a centerpiece or to display floral arrangements. It keeps objects dust-free and protects delicate items. It is also ideal to germinate seeds and grow small greenery since it lets in light and deters cold air. Because of its bell shape it is also called a cloche, French for bell. Designed and handmade in France, the finest materials are used for this museum-quality display.

About the Maker

Inspired by the 18th century practice of cabinets of curiositiesóprivate home museums, more or lessóNomades Authentic creates modern display products to help present personal collections of precious findings and treasured objects in a special way. Evelyne and Marc Viladrich have designed and made every item since they founded the company in 1989. Made in France, the finest woods and best glass are used to make their domes, globes and bases.

Additional information

Weight 36.8 oz
Dimensions 10.5 × 8 × 8 in




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