Andraab Cashmere Kaaj Dar Stole

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Cashmere stole with embroidery and fringed edges



Why We Love This

This elegant shawl marries traditional Indian craftsmanship and contemporary tastes in a modern wardrobe staple. The Kaaj Dar Stole is hand-woven in 100 percent fine pashmina yarn, features floral embroidery on the border for a pop of color and is edged in feathery fringe. We think this wrap is an instant classic.


In the early 15th century, the art of weaving and hand embroidery traveled from Persia and was introduced in northern India, where artisans in Jammu and Kashmir mastered the skill and the technique flourished. Andraab is proud to revive the authentic handwoven pashmina with a modern design. All materials are locally sourced and produced and then crafted into hand-embroidered goods. Each piece is procured, cleaned, combed and finished by hand as craftsmen have done for centuries. Discover warmth and comfort in the timeless appeal of luxe cashmere. It comes in four colors: Indigo, Vibrant Red, India Pink and Persimmon.

About the Maker

Andraab is a family-owned and -operated business based in India. Founded in 1996 by three brothers, Andraab focuses in handcrafted goods composed of the finest textiles and embroideries, including cashmere, silk, gilt silver and gold wire for its one-of-a-kind pieces. Inspired by traditional Persian patterns, Andraab’s artisans hand-weave and embroider each piece with meticulous workmanship—a process that can take months to complete.

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Weight 11.2 oz
Dimensions 28 × 78 in

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