Skandinavisk Scented Candle

A grass- and woods-scented candle with a note of beach dunes to create a sense of peace


Why We Love This

This candle provides calm, peace and tranquility. Ro, pronounced RO, translated means all of those states of being. We love this candle’s subtle scent—a combination of freshly cut grass, dried leaves, amber woods and beach dunes.


Scandinavians love candles and burn them all day and night, all year round. Like the makers of these candles, people there feel lighting a candle softens a moment and nourishes the soul. Skandinavisk candles are hand-poured and made from a blend of fragrance and vegetable wax. Each has a 100% cotton wick. They are poured into a painted glass votive and topped with an engraved Beechwood lid. Each candle is designed in Denmark and assembled in France.

About the Maker

Two Englishmen who were working for corporations in Copenhagen fell in love with the Scandinavian way of life (and each a blond Scandinavian woman). The pair crafted a line of candles that captured the essence of the place they came to call home—Skandinavisk candles. The warmth, colors, scents and light of the candle’s flames reflect the region’s endless summers, bitter but sweet winters, and pleasant lifestyle that focuses on family and reasonable length of workdays.

Additional information

Weight 8 oz

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