Taking Sacred Back : The Complete Guide to Designing & Sharing Group Ritual

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Whether you‰_re designing a group ritual for fifty people or five hundred, Taking Sacred Back will help you define your intent, create an outline, and bring your ritual to life. Join authors Nels Linde and Judith E. Olson-Linde as they explore creative and unique ideas for all the stages of ritual‰ÛÓentering into the liminal, making the space sacred, engaging the subconscious of all attendees, creating awe and wonder, raising and directing energy, and ending the ritual. Discover advice on hardware and prop-making (and tips on using props effectively); scaling up or scaling down for larger or smaller groups; and lists of books, websites, CDs, and other useful resources. Complete with examples of rituals the authors have conducted as well as problem-solving advice,Taking Sacred Back is a must-have guide for all ritualists.

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