New Moon in Aries: Take the Leap and Make the Shift

Published on April 9, 2018

Article by Cathy Coleman for Bodhi Tree

Your Weekly Astrology Forecast for April 8–15, 2018

This week begins with the waning last quarter Moon, culminating in the first New Moon of the astrological year on Sunday, April 15. This New Moon in Aries is extremely potent, connected to numerous significant aspects and energies. The New Moon is conjunct Uranus, the planet symbolizing revolution. Numerous planets in Aries (Mercury, Eris, Moon, Sun and Uranus) are in square aspect to several planets in industrious Capricorn (Saturn, Mars and Pluto). The combination of this planetary energy at the end of the week can move the earth, resulting in earthquakes. Symbolically, how could you proactively use this potent energy for making big shifts and breakthroughs in your personal life? Mercury is still in retrograde motion until April 15. Use this week to review, rethink, revise and renovate before leaping forward with new projects at the beginning of the following week.

Hard Work is Highlighted as the Week Begins

Sunday is framed for hard work. The Moon conjuncts Pluto and squares Uranus. These challenging aspects demand attention, application and change. Be awake! The Moon’s conjunction to Jupiter gives hope, optimism and courage for completing our worthy projects. The Moon is Void of Course (VoC) at 7:40pm PDT, so at that time Sunday evening, relax into the week ahead by getting to bed early to make for a rested start on Monday.

The first half of the week, Monday through midday Wednesday, is colored by the friendly, accepting Aquarius Moon. Creative solutions are possible, courtesy of benefic aspects between Mercury, Pallas Athena and Ceres, and a benefic trine in earth signs between Mars and Venus. Mercury is retrograde, so re-examine plans and projects. Brilliant ideas may spring forth. Catch them!

Expect Challenging Energy Early in the Week

The Sun forms a challenging square to Pluto on Tuesday, pushing us to deal with power struggles and deep, difficult issues. However, the Venus-Mars trine will ease the struggle, and coupled with a Jupiter-Juno trine, the good energy of relationships will help us deal with problems.

Don’t expect things to go as planned Wednesday morning. After a surprising Moon-Uranus sextile at 7:55am PDT, the Moon is VoC until 11:40am PDT, when it moves into soft and dreamy Pisces. Wednesday morning is not the time for meetings or anything calling for definition or decision. When the Moon is void, it is best to attend to routine tasks. As the day moves on, inspiration grows. In the evening, relax and watch a movie, or play music.

Toward Week’s End, The Energy Lightens

Thursday promises to be an uplifting, inspiring, sweet day. With the Moon in Pisces making numerous benefic aspects, including a conjunction with Neptune, we feel that all is well with the world, and our hearts are full of compassion and forgiveness. An opportune Venus-Neptune sextile colors the world beautiful. This delightful energy continues through most of Friday, but the Moon is VoC nearly all day Friday from 4:27am to 8:26pm. Make the day easy and allow yourself to roam and dream. If you cannot pause for a saunter or an escape to a movie, then attend to non-demanding routine tasks.

The weekend holds the bright, fiery, active glow of the Aries Moon from 8:26 p.m. Friday through early Monday morning. Saturday and Sunday are powerful days, holding numerous aspects and opportunities. Jupiter sextiles Pluto, promoting possibilities for expansion, and Mars makes a benefic sextile to Neptune, energizing our visions, dreams, and creativity. The Moon is dark on Saturday, calling us inward. In the midst of the cosmic excitement, plan some time alone.

What to Expect with the New Moon in Aries

The New Moon in Aries on Sunday, the 15th, is supercharged with aspects and energy, calling for a big leap forward. Mercury stations, turning direct in motion. There is a stellium of planets in both Capricorn and Aries, two different elements and energies, though both cardinal modalities oriented toward action. The planets in Capricorn (Saturn, Mars, and Pluto) demand hard work, responsibility, and mastery. The planets in Aries (Mercury, Eris, Moon, Sun and Uranus) demand creativity, adventure boldness. With Uranus in the mix, this New Moon is revolutionary! Both Capricorn and Aries are cardinal, action-oriented signs. This is one very active day for bold steps forward. The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon sums it up: “Through imagination a lost opportunity is regained. Revision of attitude and inner reevaluation.… The mind must first ‘imagine’ that which he will then be able sooner or later to actually experience.” (Dane Rudhyar, The Astrological Mandala).

The Week in Short

Sunday: Demanding work day. Courage and optimism help meet the challenges.

Monday: Brilliant ideas and creative solutions spring forth.

Tuesday: Good relationship energy may help us deal with deep difficult issues.

Wednesday: Early morning surprises. Moon VoC from 7:55am to 11:40am PDT, and then inspiration grows.

Thursday: Sweet, inspiring, uplifting day.

Friday: Moon VoC most of the day 4:27am to 8:26pm. Attend to routine tasks.

Saturday: Dark Moon. Take some solitude and draw inward, though there is opportunity for expansion.

Sunday: New Moon in Aries: be bold, creative and adventurous.

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Published on: April 9, 2018

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