Planetary Aspects Symbolize Higher Consciousness & Imagination

Published on December 10, 2018

Article by Cathy Coleman for Bodhi Tree

Your Weekly Astrology Forecast for December 9–16, 2018

The holiday season continues to sparkle with the glow of the Sun and Jupiter in exuberant, optimistic Sagittarius, and Mercury joins the Sagittarian party on Wednesday. Mercury is now direct, though still in its shadow phase through December 24th, so until then there is still some of the retrograde effect. However, we can now begin to move forward with the plans we rethought and reworked over the last few weeks. The aspect of the week is the Uranus-Neptune semi-square that perfects on Tuesday. This aspect symbolizes higher consciousness, wisdom, vision and imagination. Consider how you could tap into this uplifting, creative energy. The Moon is Void of Course (VoC) in Pisces all day on Saturday; plan to attend an artful holiday event that day. Do Christmas shopping on Sunday rather than on Saturday, as it’s difficult to make clear choices when the Moon is void.

Enjoy Friendly, Uplifting Energy Early in the Week

Feeding off the serious, hardworking Capricorn Moon, we get a good, practical, goal-oriented start on Monday morning. Then we have a VoC Moon period from 1:27pm–3:39pm PST, when we can relax into routine tasks, rather than try to make things happen. At 3:39pm the Moon moves into Aquarius tropically, opening us to other points of views, and turning us toward our friendships. Meet a friend for happy hour or dinner.

Tuesday is a friendly, high-spirited day, thanks to a Jupiter-Moon sextile. An edgy Mercury-Uranus quintile aspect may make us jittery and distracted, though Mercury-Uranus aspects are electric and creative. We can detach and ponder loftier goals. 

Wednesday is yet another friendly, sunny day, colored by an opportunistic, freedom-loving Sun-Moon sextile. Tuesday and Wednesday are good days to consider the charities you want to support before the year’s end and make donations.

A Sensitive Pisces Moon Brings Mixed Energy and Possibilities Toward Week’s End

Thursday and Friday are colored beautiful by a sensitive Pisces Moon. Thursday’s aspects are mixed, with some benefic, and others challenging. We wake up inspired and uplifted on Friday and are carried through the day on a cloud of possibilities. Toward evening we become more focused and determined. Relationship issues are highlighted. Enjoy a film and an elegant dinner with someone you love.

The Weekend’s Vibe is Backed by an Action-Oriented Aries Moon

The Moon is VoC all day on Saturday from 3:49am through 4:44pm PST. Although you may want to go holiday shopping, it’s not a good day to do it. When the Moon is void, our decision making is clouded. Purchases often need to be returned due to the wrong size or color, or simply a poor choice. A better option is to spend the time attending a holiday play or concert. The Moon makes a fresh start in bold Aries at 4:44pm PST. If you do not already have plans, do something energizing and sparkling, spontaneously.

A lot can be accomplished on this powerful Sunday with the energy of the cardinal, action-oriented Aries Moon. A benefic Mars-Pluto sextile packs additional punch. Get moving and you can complete numerous tasks quickly.

The Week in Short

Monday: Lean in to hard work at the start of the week—in the morning. From 1:27–3:39pm PST the Moon is VoC. After 3:39pm PST, the Moon is in friendly Aquarius, so meet up with friends in the evening.

Tuesday: Friendly, high-spirited day.

Wednesday: Another friendly, freedom-loving day. Contribute to a favorite charity.

Thursday: See the beauty in this day of mixed challenging and benefic aspects.

Friday: Inspiring, uplifting day. Nurture relationships.

Saturday: Moon VoC most of the day, from 3:49am–4:44pm PST. Not a day for shopping, attend an artistic holiday event.

Sunday: Action-oriented day to get a lot accomplished. Get moving!

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Published on: December 10, 2018

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