A Potent Super Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse Brings Challenging Energy This Week

Published on January 14, 2019

Your Weekly Astrology Forecast for January 14–20, 2019

The week ahead builds toward a potent, dynamic Supermoon (when the Moon is closest to the earth) Total Lunar Eclipse. Four planets are in hardworking Capricorn: Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto, as well as the South Node. In the midst of the recent Solar Eclipse, and the upcoming Super Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse on Sunday, January 20, it is best to keep things simple and focus on your responsibilities. It is not a time to start new projects, but rather to attend to your responsibilities and keep good control of expenses—emotional and monetary.

A Grounded Taurus Moon Welcomes the Workweek

Monday morning is likely not to go as planned. Expect a surprising, meandering start. A Moon-Uranus conjunction at 7:56am PST begins a Void of Course (VoC) Moon period until 10:31am PST, when you can expect the day to get moving. Then the Moon shifts into grounded, fixed earth sign Taurus, which will help you get a lot accomplished.

Tuesday is a steady, practical, earthy day, with the Moon exalted in sensuous Taurus. The Taurus Moon makes benefic aspects with Neptune, Saturn and Mercury. We are inspired to lean in and take care of things—especially our surroundings, plants and gardens. Do something to make your home or office a bit more beautiful. Enjoy at least one leisurely, delicious meal.

On Wednesday, the Taurus Moon makes a benefic, grounded trine to the Sun at 10:43am PST, beginning a long period when the Moon is VoC until 5:00pm PST. During this time, attend to routine, insignificant matters, and don’t waste your time in meetings that are likely to go nowhere. At 5:00pm PST the Moon moves into chatty, curious Gemini, and then we will want to connect and commune.

A Gemini Moon Midweek Brings Curiosity and Connection

Thursday is a social day filled with curiosity and a propensity toward connection. We dream the ideal and stretch our limits. Lunch and dinner should not be alone; connect and converse.

Friday Mars trine Venus has a harmonizing effect. The Moon is still in Gemini, the mutable air sign that keeps conversations going. Mercury is conjunct Pluto, empowering our thoughts and enabling us to get to the root of problems and challenges. The Sun is square Uranus, and the Moon makes a benefic sextile; the day will not likely go as planned. Rebellion is in the air. Friday promises to be an exciting day!

The Weekend Brings a Dynamic Super Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse

Saturday is a demanding day—a good one to focus on deep cleaning, emotionally and physically. The sensitive, family-oriented Cancer Moon forms tense aspects to Mars and Saturn. Lean in and meet the challenge with hard work, and give a lot of latitude and understanding toward others. We may feel shortchanged in getting our needs met. Later in the day, a benefic Moon-Neptune trine will ease the tension.

Sunday is supercharged with cosmic events. The Sun moves into Aquarius tropically, and forms a Supermoon Total Lunar Eclipse at 0:52 degrees of Aquarius/Leo tropically. Earlier in the day the Moon makes a powerful opposition to Pluto and Mercury, and squares Uranus. Pallas Athena joins the party to form an action-oriented Grand Cross. Chiron makes benefic aspects to the Full Moon, perhaps providing some salve for the wounds. Venus is exactly conjunct Jupiter, and is in a tense square to Neptune.

More About Eclipses

What do all of these planetary aspects mean for us? Eclipse events are difficult to predict, and with Uranus making a square to the eclipse planets, how it will play out is even more unpredictable. Late degrees of cardinal signs are involved (Uranus in Aries; Moon/North Node in Cancer; Pallas Athena in Libra; and Saturn, Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn). Cancer symbolizes consideration of family and tradition; Capricorn symbolizes building structures for the future. The Full Moon occurs in the first degree of Leo and Aquarius, symbolizing self-concerns and the community. Eclipse days are intense, and this one is particularly dynamic and potent. It is best to keep things simple and keep stress to a minimum. Be prepared to meet the challenges that may arise.

The Week in Short

Monday: After a meandering morning with the Moon VoC from 7:56–10:31am PST, then you can expect to get things accomplished.

Tuesday: Grounded, practical day to get a lot accomplished. Inspiration is at hand to make your life more beautiful.

Wednesday: Moon VoC from 10:43am–5:00pm, during which the focus should be on routine tasks. Enjoy a social evening.

Thursday: Dream the ideal, engage your curiosity, and make connections.

Friday: Exciting day when problems can be solved, and we can adapt to twists and turns.

Saturday: Demanding day for deep cleaning physically and emotionally.

Sunday: Total Full Moon eclipse with many planetary energies at play. Expect the unexpected, and keep your life simplified.

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Published on: January 14, 2019

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