The New Moon in Gemini Calls for New Ideas and Thinking Outside the Box

Published on June 11, 2018

Article by Cathy Coleman for Bodhi Tree

Your Weekly Astrology Forecast for June 10–17, 2018

This graduation season falls when the Sun is in Gemini, symbolizing connection and community. Gemini energy lends itself to fun parties. People are friendly, easy and conversant. Then school starts again when the Sun is in Virgo, symbolizing work, getting organized and self-improvement. Both zodiac signs are ruled by the planet Mercury, which symbolizes learning. And both Gemini and Virgo are mutable, transitional signs leading us into new seasons: Gemini into Summer and Virgo into Autumn. I find it fascinating that the beginning and ending of our school season is so perfectly aligned with the symbolic energy of the zodiac.

The fiery-hot combo Mars and the South Node (known as Ketu in Vedic astrology) align exactly this week. Mars and the South Node are in close alignment through mid-October. This combo is in a challenging square aspect to Uranus. Harsh, edgy, fiery energy is prone to eruptions, exemplified by the volcanoes in Hawaii and Guatemala. An intense season of three eclipses lies ahead on July 13, July 27 and August 11, which will be engaged with the fiery planets Mars and Uranus. It is likely that a lot of aggression will be activated in the coming few months. If you are making summer plans, consider that the energy is hot, impulsive and feisty. It is best to lie low, not take risks, and keep things simple, especially during the peak of summer—July and into the first two weeks of August.

The Week Begins on a Productive, Empowered Note

Sunday the Moon is in fixed earth sign Taurus, where it is exalted. All things sensual are highlighted. The Moon trines Saturn in the morning, framing the day for work and productivity. As Taurus symbolizes gardening, plants and food, it is a good day to plant flowers or vegetables, and cook a nourishing meal. You may want to cook several things for the week ahead and listen to music while you work. A Moon-Mars square pushes us beyond our comfort zone, and a Moon-Jupiter opposition draws us to think big and aim for the stars.

The planetary alignments support an empowered start to the work week on Monday. The productive, grounded Taurus Moon is energized through a trine to powerful Pluto, graced by several other benefic aspects. Make the most of this fruitful day, and enjoy it, as the Taurus Moon wants all senses to be pleased.

Set Your Intentions Midweek with the New Moon in Gemini

Tuesday and Wednesday the Moon is in Gemini, the clever, trickster sign of the zodiac. Mercury shifts into Cancer, a water sign calling us to our feelings and emotions. Gemini symbolizes thinking, and Cancer symbolizes feeling. These two functions are highlighted by the planetary alignments, so check in with your intuition, as well as your mental thoughts when making decisions. Tuesday the Moon is dark just before the New Moon on Wednesday. Another contrast of energy is that when the Moon is dark, we want to draw inward and finish things. Yet, Gemini, where the Sun and Moon reside, is gregarious, and wants to be in communication and in community. Electric ideas abound on Wednesday, as Mercury makes an exact benefic sextile to Uranus, while the Sun and Moon exactly align in a new lunar cycle in the air sign that symbolizes curiosity, communication and connection. The mutual reception of Mercury and the Moon (Mercury in Cancer, which rules the Moon, and the Moon in Gemini, which rules Mercury) delivers emotional intelligence if we draw on both thinking and feeling functions. Thinking out of the box is easy to do, as Mercury is out-of-bounds from June 6–24 (meaning it is traveling beyond its usual range of declination). Open to creative thoughts beyond your usual scope. New Moons typically call for initiating new intentions. However, with Saturn and Pluto retrograde, and Neptune and Mars soon to follow, it may be best to incubate new ideas.

Home and Family are Highlighted Toward the End of the Week

Home and family are themes Thursday and Friday in the light of a Cancer Moon. Thursday’s major aspect is Venus-square-Uranus, which may bring us together with unusual, interesting people. This aspect, combined with the ability to think out of the box, thanks to out-of-bounds Mercury, is creative. Almost anything unusual may happen. Be open to surprises.

Friday, an emotionally intense Moon-Pluto opposition at 9:18am PDT sets the tone for the day, and also sets a Moon Void of Course (VoC) period for the entire day. Thus, it is not a good day for meetings, purchases or making decisions or arrangements. Instead, focus on routine tasks.

The Weekend Calls for Fun and Adventure

Thankfully, the Moon leaps into sunny Leo on Saturday, calling for a fun day. There are various edgy, energized aspects. Set your sails for adventure and get some vigorous exercise.

The fun continues on Sunday, Father’s Day, and is a bit lighter and easier. Make it a fun and playful day. As Leo loves to be appreciated, make a point to praise others, and give yourself a pat on the back as well!

The Week in Short

Sunday: Practical, productive day.

Monday: Another productive, fruitful, delicious day.

Tuesday: Dark Moon in Gemini: Draw inward and finish projects. Mercury into Cancer—tune in to intuition.

Wednesday: New Moon in Gemini. Think out of the box.

Thursday: Open to unusual encounters. Think outside the box.

Friday: Emotionally intense day. Moon VoC. Focus on routine tasks.

Saturday: Fun Day! Set your sails for adventure and get some vigorous exercise.

Sunday: Light, easy playful day.

To learn how to manifest your intentions using the energy of this week’s New Moon in Gemini, read Moon Rituals for Release and Renewal by astrologist Danielle Beinstein. 

Published on: June 11, 2018

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