A Scorpio Moon Brings Passion, Motivation and Positivity This Week

Published on March 5, 2018

Article by Cathy Coleman for Bodhi Tree

Your Weekly Astrology Forecast for March 4–11, 2018

The Sun continues to shine in Pisces, highlighting creativity, inspiration, vision and compassion. This week Venus shifts from Pisces to Aries tropically on Tuesday, firing up our passions and desires. Jupiter stations retrograde on Thursday at 23 degrees of Scorpio, ushering in a four-month backward spin until July 11, calling us to inner work. The week contains two particularly glorious days: Tuesday and Sunday. Tuesday is sweet, inspiring, powerful, and we are confident and self-assured. Sunday’s cosmic alignments foster an extraordinary alchemical combination of vigor and determination combined with vision, imagination and creativity. Great things could be accomplished on Sunday, March 11, so use this energy wisely.

The Week Begins with Uplifting Energy and Passionate Feelings

Sunday is graced with the harmony and beauty of a Libra Moon. Neptune conjuncts the Sun, an uplifting energy for creating, or doing charitable work. Venus, Mercury and Chiron are joined together, symbolizing beautiful communication. If you are inclined to write poetry, this would be a good day to put pen to paper. Kind words can heal. The evening may end with a surprise!

We dive deep into our intimate, passionate feelings in the light of the Scorpio Moon on Monday and Tuesday. Give yourself time and space, as we like some quality time alone when the Moon is in the deep, dark waters of Scorpio. Monday’s Moon-Saturn sextile focuses us on facts and research, and sets us on a solid, steady course of accomplishment.

Tuesday is blessed with benefic aspects that should make for smooth sailing. Relax into the ease and emotional satisfaction of lunar trines to Neptune and the Sun. Venus begins a new cycle in Aries, lighting the fires of our desires, and exciting our passions. The Moon’s conjunction with jovial Jupiter near midnight lifts our spirits in the evening and carries over into the next morning.

After a soothing, healing trine to Chiron Wednesday morning, the Moon is void of course (VoC) from 9:26am–2:03pm PST. It is best to use this time for routine tasks. At 2:03pm, the Moon bounces into sunny Sagittarius, followed by benefic trines to Venus and Mercury, giving optimism and enthusiasm. It’s a good evening to make travel plans, especially as Mercury will turn retrograde in two more weeks.

Jupiter Goes Retrograde Midweek

Jupiter, ruler of Thursday’s Moon in Sagittarius, makes a station and turns retrograde, highlighting all things symbolized by Jupiter: travel, expansion, teaching, learning, spirituality, religion, generosity and good fortune. Jupiter is poised to embark on its four-month retrograde motion through July 11. During this time, we must do our inner spiritual work in order to reap greater rewards when Jupiter goes direct in mid-July.

The soft and sensitive Pisces Sun collides with the direct and energetic Sagittarius Moon Friday morning. A walk in nature could satisfy both. The pace picks up later in the afternoon as Mars conjuncts the Moon. A Moon-Uranus trine will undoubtedly deliver insight and inspiration in the evening. The Moon is VoC after 6:27pm, so relax into a jovial, convivial social evening with companions.

The Weekend Isn’t for Relaxing

The weekend’s cosmic backdrop is set for work and accomplishment. This is a not a weekend for relaxing. Set goals for what you want to accomplish and get to work. The Moon-Saturn conjunction Saturday evening sets a serious, dutiful tone. Although Saturday evening is usually a time to relax and be social, this one calls for solitary work on a task or project. The day’s Mercury-Saturn square can make us feel doubtful and inferior; combat these feelings with focus, discipline, and sustained effort.

The week ends and a new one begins with powerful, inspiring cosmic alignments. On Sunday, an exciting Mars-Uranus trine is the gift of the day, giving vigor and inspiration for doing something new and exciting. The Sun sextiles powerful Pluto, giving extra energy and confidence. The Moon’s benefic aspects to Neptune and the Sun give creativity and resolve. The Moon’s conjunction with Pluto empowers the possibilities this day. The combination of industrious, visionary, inventive alignments makes this day golden—and full of tremendous potential. Use these golden cosmic alignments well.

The Week in Short

Sunday: Uplifting, creative day. Kind words can heal.

Monday: Allow for some deep, reflective quiet time.

Tuesday: Smooth sailing! Optimistic day. Venus into Aries.

Wednesday: Moon VoC 9:26am–2:02pm PST, and then an optimistic, enthusiastic late afternoon and evening.

Thursday: Jupiter turns retrograde for four months; it’s time to focus on inner spiritual development.

Friday: Exciting, inspiring, surprising upbeat day!

Saturday: The day is all about work. Plan to get a lot accomplished.

Sunday: Golden day! High energy and vigor combine with inspiration and creativity.

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Published on: March 5, 2018

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