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Welcome to the Bodhi Tree Community

Our journeys may be varied, but our path’s delight in fortuitous convergence! Our Community space invites you to tap into our social feeds, browse through our interactive Stories page and post your own Story, view our calendar of relevant and auspicious dates, and – coming soon – find information about community-generated spiritual gatherings. If you are hosting an event that you believe would be relevant to the metaphysical community, please tell us about it!

Latest Stories

  • It was love at first sight...

    I was first introduced to the Bodhi Tree bookstore when I traveled to LA from New York for a spiritual cleansing from a remarkable healer. It was love at first sight and I enjoyed the essential oils and incense which were available in addition to this book lover's dream. We lost Samuel Weiser and the old East West Books in NY so being told that the Bodhi Tree was closing too was so disheartening. My spiritual teacher first began doing her work here several decades ago. At that time Deepak Chopra and others who went to to become well know were starting out there as well. I LOVE the Bodhi Tree and welcome this opportunity to join with others from all walks of life on this blog, as well.
    — Story from Crystal Hu, 2017
  • I am so happy the Bodhi Tree is back, it was magical

    I am so happy The BODHI TREE is back. I love that store. Hope the warm spirits are still there. When I shopped there, it was magical in there.
    — Story from Lincoln E., 2017
  • I grew up in this bookstore

    I grew up in this bookstore, please bring back a physical location! I have the best memories here.
    — Story from Celeste D., 2017
  • So much fabulous energy in that place!

    I loved this store and worked there part-time in the late 1980s-early 1990s. So much fabulous energy in that place!
    — Story from Rosemary W., 1980s
  • I am over the moon it will be back online

    Although I'm bummed I won't be able to pop in on the best bookstore ever, I am over the moon it will be back online. Check it out; you'll thank me later. #bodhitreelove
    — Story from Christal, 1980s
  • I've been doing a happy dance for my old time happy place

    The universe knew I'd need this news TODAY, so who cares if I'm a little late to the party... I've been doing a happy dance for my old time happy place, and don't think I'll stop any time soon! #BodhiTreeLove
    — Story from Ellen L.S., 1980s
  • I'm so happy Bodhi Tree is online now!

    I love the Bodhi Tree bookstore - I'm so happy it is online now! #SpiritualNourishment #Bliss I had many moments of joy there!
    — Story from Mei Ling M., 1980s
  • I remember my first metaphysical book that I picked up

    Thanks for the wonderful news of the "return of the great Bodhi Tree" … my personal Jedi, if you will. I remember the old store in the late 70's; I remember when it became the Used Books section when the new annex was added; I remember browsing through the labyrinth of books full of wisdom - like strolling around a magical ancient library… I remember my first metaphysical book aptly called "Initiation" that I picked up from the shelves of this mystical bookstore.

    Since early childhood I wanted to own a bookstore when I grow up. A dream that never materialized. But then Bodhi Tree felt almost as if it was MY bookstore, with its whole mystical ambiance, scent of the incense and energy of the crystals.

    In an age of rapidly vanishing brick-n-mortar bookstores, I cried when Bodhi Tree closed … then I cried when all these other physical bookstores began to disappear one by one. So, I am exceptionally happy to hear of your return.
    — Story from Azita T., 1970s
  • I was there on the very last day, taking time to say goodbye

    Thank you so much for persisting in finding a way to return the Bodhi Tree bookstore to our city. My first visit was in 1972 and I was there on the very last day, taking time to say my goodbyes, and touching the tree behind the shop that was its namesake.
    — Story from Barbara W., 1972
  • It was like visiting someone's home with many delights

    It's really wonderful to see the dear, old Bodhi Tree will still be around. I started visiting the bookstore back in the seventies and it was always like visiting someone's home where there were many delights to be discovered. Happy to be visiting again.
    — Story from Chris, 1970s
  • I am thrilled about the news of Bodhi Tree's reincarnation

    I am thrilled about the news of Bodhi Tree’s reincarnation. I remember my first visit there, it must have been around 1992, on a visit to LA from Santa Cruz where I was in school. I shared the news around our new office here in Boulder, and everyone is delighted. Looking forward to my next LA visit by which time hopefully you will be up and running.
    — Story from Nikko O., 1992
  • The Bodhi Tree was my first experience into metaphysics

    The Bodhi Tree was my first experience into metaphysics where I actually got to touch and see books regarding the subject. I could spend hours there, and at times I did! I’m so excited to hear it’s coming back!
    — Story from Kathrine I., 1992

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