In this teaching, Dan Millman discusses concepts from his book, The Hidden School: Return of the Peaceful Warrior. As a former world champion athlete, university coach, martial arts instructor and college professor, Dan Millman has identified powerful strategies, not just for developing talent for sport, but also for developing talent for living. He shares this wisdom and helps us to view daily life as a form of spiritual training, which he calls the “Peaceful Warrior’s Way.” In his characteristically informal and relatable way, Dan Millman addresses the big issues of life, illustrating the paradox of living simultaneously in the conventional and the transcendent worlds.

Learning Objectives

In this teaching, you will:

  • Interpret life as a practice and develop talent for living
  • Apply strategies to better manage your personal energy and prevent energy leaks
  • Cultivate an awareness of death with the understanding that it brings meaning to life
  • Compare the conventional and the transcendent views of the world
  • Demonstrate the ability to take responsibility for, and gain control over, your behavior and actions

Guiding Thoughts

Before listening to the modules in this teaching, please reflect on the following questions:

  • Energy is the force that sustains all life. Do you feel that your life force energy is strong or weak? Why? How do you maintain your energy? In what ways do you leak energy?
  • Many people are in denial about death and avoid talking or thinking about it. Yet, the existence of death is what gives meaning to life. What is your relationship with death? Are you hiding from it or are you willing to confront it?
  • We live in two realms—the conventional world and the transcendent world. This is a paradox with which we must come to terms. How often are you living in the transcendent? Would you like to spend more time there?
  • Do you believe that you have responsibility for, and control over, your thoughts and your emotions? What about your behavior and your actions? Is self-control something that can be practiced and improved upon?

As you listen to the modules in this teaching, actively take notes of any ideas or questions that come to you. You may listen to the modules as many times as you like.

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