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Crystals for Protection During Mercury in Retrograde

Published on July 11, 2019

Article by Amy Swift Crosby for Bodhi Tree

Most of us are all too aware of the tricks and misfires associated with Mercury in Retrograde; electronics break, communications go awry, ghosts from the past seem to come out of nowhere – and then quickly recede back into memory. These are the telltale signs of this astro phenomenon marked by Mercury moving in opposition to planet earth.

But there’s something else going on right now that coincides with MIR, that probably isn’t helping…it’s called the start of summer schedules – and for some of us, it can be a bumpy shift into the warmer season. 

We rejoice that summer has arrived… finally, picnics at the beach and rooftop barbeques, road trips with perfect soundtracks…sunset bike rides to ice cream. Yet… day-to-day workflow continues, children are home from school and spouses on abbreviated work schedules. Home and work life can feel more chaotic in summer – so while we’ve waited for longer days and warmer nights, work still needs to be done, and so do the dishes.

The idea of summer represents freedom, warmth and a sense of infinity. 

The reality of it lands differently for each of us, and it can spark a sense of missing out, of needing to escape but feeling stuck, of wanting our lives to look bigger and more beautiful, with deeper tans and broader vistas, and happy children with plenty to do on top of it all.

Compounded with MIR, the start of summer can make even the most centered person feel unmoored.

Now is the time to reach for an anchor, a sense of steadiness within our own bodies and worlds.

If it feels like chaos out there, we can cultivate space in here.

If it feels like yearning in here, we can nurture belonging all around us.

Stones and crystals are one of the most tactile energetic fields of attraction we know of. 

Take cover with crystals, friend. You will regain your balance momentarily. 

Published on: July 11, 2019

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