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Featured Thought Leader: Yogi Cameron

Published on November 12, 2019

Article by Bodhi Tree

Limitless Living with Yogi Cameron

Yogi Cameron left the fashion industry at the height of his career to dedicate himself to the study of ancient yogic traditions. He developed the Yogi Code as a way to encourage a daily practice of clarity and intentionality, with the purpose of making sense of the chaos of the world and grounding ourselves in how we want to live and approach life.

In this talk, Yogi Cameron describes how the Yogi Code can be applied to partnerships and relationships. By identifying common ground, common goals, and a common path, the Yogi Code helps partners – in business and in love – move forward with unity and harmony. 

The most common mistake we make in relationships is the notion that things won’t change, says Yogi Cameron. Yet the nature of life is change. Everything is constantly in flux, and in that movement, we discover ourselves. It’s easy to find ourselves when we are surrounded by stillness. But can you meditate in Times Square? In a world that is constantly changing, the Yogi Code gives us the tools to adapt and flow with whatever life brings.

The Yogi Code is about letting go of tension and fear, to embrace limitless possibilities. While we are not in control of life, we are in charge of our actions. Once we can manage our actions, we can surrender to the reaction of life. This is fearless living.

Yogi Cameron reminds us that fear is seeded in the mind. Our spirit has no fear; it is here to live its purpose. When fear arises, we must remember that the mind is not our true nature. It is limited, while the universe is expansive. By tuning into our intuition, we become limitless.  This inward journey is expansive, and teaches us to live at our highest potential.

Published on: November 12, 2019