Get Ready for the Intense Energy of the Total Solar Eclipse

Published on August 14, 2017

Article by Cathy Coleman for Bodhi Tree

Your Astrological Forecast for August 13–20, 2017

The Great Solar Eclipse on Monday, August 21, at 28: 52 Leo is coming; the partial Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is a few days past. This is a potent week astrally, so tune in and make the most of it. The Leo/Aquarius axis is about the individual self (Leo) and the global community (Aquarius). How can you shine your light in the world more brightly? Leo symbolizes children and creative self-expression. Make a donation of time or money to a project that supports children. Play music or write a poem. I think this Great Eclipse energy calls for us to express ourselves to the max, in positive, generative ways. Besides, doing good works and expressing our creativity will take our minds off the troubling, volatile energies in the world that are also attendant to the coming eclipse.

I approach all astral energies from the only productive path: that we, as individuals, benefit from prior knowledge of alignments and transits to come. However, events attendant to a major, total solar eclipse can have huge consequences across the world. The last total solar eclipse that spanned the entire North American continent was in 1776. It took almost exactly 200 years after that for the West European nations to relinquish all their colonies, when Portugal finally granted independence to its four African colonies in the mid-1970s. We hope any world events to come the next few weeks are not destructive.

A Mercury Retrograde Reminder

Mercury has just turned retrograde and will be in reverse motion until September 5. During this time, there are often mechanical failures, and mistakes in written and spoken communication. Check twice for appointment times, agreements and accuracy of communication. Be patient and understanding about errors and mix-ups. This Mercury retrograde cycle is made for review, reconsidering, renegotiating and reworking.

The Week in Preview

The exalted Moon in Taurus makes for a beautiful, grounded Sunday. Energy for sound decisions and good progress on work comes from the Sun’s benefic trine to Saturn. We can get a lot accomplished, though the Taurus Moon likes to plod along in an unhurried manner. Take time for mindless pleasures or pampering while you work on projects. Finish the weekend with a sumptuous, pleasing Sunday evening dinner with good conversation.

Monday is an active planetary day with simultaneous uplifting and challenging aspects. Head to the gym early in the morning to put the stubborn Moon-Mars square to good use gearing up your metabolism and strengthening your muscles. If you don’t use this energy to benefit your body, you may bump up against some power struggles and obstacles. The forces of the morning’s lunar trine to Pluto provide the fuel to triumph.

Tuesday’s challenges revolve around issues with relationships and finances (thanks to Venus opposition Pluto). Tune in to what is out of balance and address the issues. The Gemini Moon encourages conversations, which may be just the medicine needed to address both relationship and financial challenges.

Another dualistic planetary day arrives Wednesday with equal positive and negative aspects. We will feel pressure, but also inspiration and optimism. The last aspect of the day may be the defining energy–Venus-square-Jupiter–delivering optimism, hope and generativity.

Getting our act together Thursday morning will be slow and meandering, as the Moon is Void of Course until 9:13 am PDT (i.e., when the Moon makes its last manor angular aspect with a planet before it moves into the next zodiacal sign tropically). Then, the Moon moves into its high-functioning ruling sign, Cancer. Thursday is Jupiter’s Day (Jueves), one for spiritual pursuits, philanthropy and expansive activities. Benefic aspects to the Sun and Uranus make this a day for exploration. Try a new recipe or restaurant (Cancer Moon loves to cook). Be more compassionate and generous, and be willing to experiment.

Friday is yet another torrent of cosmic activity. Events with big consequences are possible. The Cancer Moon conjuncts Venus, amplifying the energy for home and family, and this sweet combo shines its light on the powerful Pluto-Jupiter square. The Moon is dark, just a few days before the New Moon Solar Eclipse. When the Moon is dark, we want to draw inward. It is important to go slow and stay grounded, as this is a particularly potent weekend just before the Solar Eclipse.

Saturday gets off to a slow start due to a Void of Course Moon. Enjoy a leisurely breakfast and read the newspaper. There may be some surprising events in a newsy read, given the potential of the upcoming eclipse. At 10:56 am PDT, the Moon moves into playful and creative Leo. Enjoy the day and make it fun.

Formulate Your Intentions

Sunday is glorious, with numerous benefic aspects and planetary combinations encouraging vision, action, expansion and breakthrough. All the ingredients are available to balance expansion and contraction, and measure and risk. This is the day before the Great Eclipse, and the planets could not be better aligned to support a bold vision and an innovative expression. If you haven’t already pondered the intentions you want to set for the Solar Eclipse, do it today. The cosmos supports you to take an evolutionary leap forward. The day’s most powerful aspects are Mars-sextile-Jupiter and Sun-trine-Uranus.

The potential of this eclipse is that we can break old patterns and let go of old issues that have been keeping us stuck. However, this is a volatile time. Go slowly. Be calm. Allow things to settle before moving forward.

The Week in Short

Sunday: Beautiful, grounded, easy day. A lot can be accomplished.

Monday: Active planetary day. Exercise, and use the fuel to meet the challenges of the day.

Tuesday: Employ conversation to address relationship and financial issues.

Wednesday: Active day packed with blessings and challenges. Make the day count with generous acts of kindness, and generative conversations.

Thursday: After a slow start, things get moving. Be expansive, generous and experimental.

Friday: Very active day. Big happenings are possible. However, the dark Moon calls for withdrawal and solitude.

Saturday: Another slow, leisurely start to the day. After 10:56 am PDT, take at least one creative, evolutionary step forward.

Sunday: The day before the Great Solar Eclipse: Set intentions to take a big, bold evolutionary step forward.

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Published on: August 14, 2017

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