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José Argüelles on Changing our Definition of Time

Published on December 28, 2016

Article by José Argüelles

José Argüelles, PhD (1939–2011) came to the Bodhi Tree Bookstore in July 2003 to talk about his book Time & The Technosphere: The Law of Time in Human Affairs. Heavily influenced by the Ancient Mayans, Argüelles devoted his life studying the nature of art, time and history, eventually creating the Dreamspell, The Galactic Calendar or The 13 Moon/28-Day Calendar and founding The Foundation For the Law of Time. The course of his work reflects a highly intelligent, organized, original and independent spirit. His many books are a demonstration of the themes that have inspired him and evoke an original understanding of the evolving nature of consciousness. The root of all his endeavors lies in the examination of the holistic science that unifies body and mind, sense and nature. His work expresses a profoundly radical break with Western scientific and academic modes of thought. By putting together the mathematical codes of the Mayan calendar and being initiated into the Mayan prophetic tradition, Argüelles has taken on the prophecy mantle, and his life task has become to define the “time science” of which the prophecies are a manifestation.

The Natural Time of the Cosmos

In Time & The Technosphere, Argüelles presents a groundbreaking study that distinguishes the natural time of the cosmos from the artificial mechanistic time under which we currently live. He defines the actual nature of time as the frequency of synchronization. Applying this Law of Time to an understanding of the entire system of life on Earth, he shows that in order to not destroy Earth’s ability to sustain life, we must change our definition of time and adopt a natural harmonic calendar based on the 13-moon, 28-day cycle. —Justine Amodeo

“From the beginning of my pursuits I have been moved by my intuitive awareness of our intrinsic wholeness as humans, and the knowledge that this wholeness is a reflection of the wholeness of Earth, the solar system, and the cosmos itself.” —José Argüelles

The following is an edited version of José Argüelles’ Bodhi Tree presentation from July 2003.

José Argüelles: I was last here at the Bodhi Tree in 1987 to present my book The Mayan Factor. And happily, The Mayan Factor is still sailing along. It has been translated into many languages, such as Yugoslavian, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese, Polish, Lithuanian and French. The interest in The Mayan Factor continues because the overlooked factor of history is real and true time, and not mechanical, mechanistic, clock time, nor Gregorian calendar time. The main thrust of meaning of the book is that the actual nature of time is the overlooked factor of history.

After the harmonic convergence in 1987, my son was killed. In his honor, I wrote the book Surfers of the Zuvuya. But after a period of grieving, I knew that the time had come for me to leave civilization, as it were, and head off on my own to finish decoding the mathematics of the Mayan calendar. In 1989, after a brief sojourn in Malibu, I went to Maui. Towards the end of 1989, I found myself in Geneva, Switzerland. Now during all this time I had been studying and living the cycles of time of the Mayan calendar.

The Concept of Time

I was visiting the Museum of Time in Geneva on a cold day in December and after several hours I realized that the Museum of Time and the Mayan concept of time didn’t even make it close to being on the same page. They both use the same word “time” but were two different things. I said to myself, “This museum has to be renamed the Museum of Mechanized Time.” I saw in a spontaneous and instantaneous flash of monumental insight that the whole basis of everything that’s called “modern civilization” is operating on an erroneous timing frequency, and that what the Mayans knew was that time is not something that’s placed in a clock on a wall, but that time is the universal factor of synchronization. This is why the Mayans used 22 calendars.

Why the Calendar We Use Today Doesn’t Make Sense

The Mayans would say, “You guys are really primitive. You use this thing you call the Gregorian calendar, which makes you crazy—30 days has September, April, June and November. All the rest have 31 except for February, which has 28, and on leap years 29.” Now why is it called the Gregorian calendar? Where did it come from? Why do we use it? Did we ever have a choice?

Don’t ask me why it’s so complicated and why the units of measure don’t square up with each other. You use it for your appointments but you don’t want to think about it. As a result, our concept of time is stunted. Most people might think, “Who cares and what does that matter?” But you only ask that question because your concept of time is already so stunted.

I saw this in a flash while in the Museum of Time on December 10th, 1989, because I had been living by Mayan timing cycles. I had been living 13-day, 20-day, 52-day, and 260-day cycles. I said, “Wow, this is really different.” The Mayan concept of time is cyclical, it’s fractal, it doesn’t really have a beginning, and it doesn’t really have an end. It is cycles within cycles within cycles. It is many different calendars, which means factors of synchronization.

Time is the Fourth Dimension

We think it’s a big deal when we have a synchronicity. I thought of that person and here they are. But the Mayan calendar and what the Mayans knew through their calendar system is that synchronicity is the norm. Everything is in a state of synchronicity. In fact, that’s what the Law of Time refers to as the “synchronic order.” We all know that time is the fourth dimension. The synchronic order is to the fourth dimension of time what gravity is to the third dimension of space. That holds everything together. And we’re also in the fourth dimension and the third dimension this very moment. The fourth dimension is greater than and encompasses the third dimension. The third dimension is physical—it’s space. We can touch it, see it and we can feel what it is. It has texture, color and sound—whatever you want. But show me where time is. It’s not on your clock. You can’t touch time. You can’t see time. Maybe with an inner sense you can feel time. So, time is of the mind, just like third dimension space is of matter. Time is of the mind. That’s where time exists. If you look into nature, you can see there are cycles and rhythms of time. You know the lunar cycles and the Circadian rhythms. There are different biological cycles. But the actual fact is that when you say, “Where is it? How do you know it?” is that time is of the mind. Who owns your time owns your mind.

Who Owns Your Time?

Do you know who owns your time? The U.S. Army and the Vatican. The mechanical standard of time is kept by the U.S. Department of Defense, and they know exactly what time it is to the nanosecond. The Vatican is in charge of your daily appointment schedule. If you think you have trouble getting out of this chaotic civilization and you can’t stop the war, that’s because these instruments are owned by corporations, organizations or fictional ghost entities from the Vatican and the Pentagon.

Why the Mayan Calendar is More Scientific

Who owns your time owns your mind. Own your own time and you will know your own mind. And if you can own your own time, what does that mean? That means taking off your watch. It means getting another calendar, the Mayan calendar. The Mayan calendar system was the most sophisticated concept of time known by any culture or civilization on this planet, never surpassed.

If you go to Kitt Peak Observatory outside of Tucson, Arizona, you will find a whole array of very sophisticated astronomical instruments, telescopes and where incidentally the Vatican has its observatory. On the side of the Visitors’ Building there’s a mural, and it’s a mural of the Mayan civilization. And there’s an inscription on it that says, “The Mayan calendar was more scientific than the calendar we are using today, which is the Gregorian calendar.” If this is a scientific civilization, why are we not using a calendar that’s more scientific than the one we are using? The interesting thing about the Mayan calendar is that the Mayans didn’t have telescopes, yet their calendars are the most sophisticated measures of all the different planets and their synodical relationships to each other, to the Earth, as well as calendars of star systems like the Pleiades. And they did it by a mathematical system, and their mathematical system gave their calendars and astronomy as great an accuracy as we now get with our telescopes. The mathematical system was not a decimal system; it was a 20-count vigesimal system. So, it is a very different system. And they also used a positional zero. So, you can count up in the first position one dot equals one, and the second position one dot equals 20, and the third position one dot equals 400, and the fourth position one dot equals 8,000, in the fifth position one dot equals 160,000, in the sixth position one dot equals 3,200,000, etc. And you see that’s the 20-count gives you an exponential curve that goes up with numbers that go much higher. But if you look at those numbers fractally—1, 20, 400, 8,000—you see 1, and then you see 2, and then you see 4, and then you see 8, and 160,000, 16, 3,200,000, 32. What you have actually is both a vigesimal count and a binary doubling factor. It is an interesting mathematical system used to construct their calendars.

The Mayan base calendar is the very mysterious “Tzolkin” sacred count, which is a 260-day cycle. Archaeologists have always been scratching their heads about why they were using a 260-day cycle. A birth cycle is about 266 to 273 days, so it’s a little under a human cycle of pregnancy. This 260-day cycle, I discovered, is actually what we call a “fourth dimensional timing gauge.” Now, because time is of the mind, the standard of measure that you use to measure your time is actually going to create an unconscious program in you that will totally affect your entire attitude, function and the way you think. Ultimately, it affects the way the whole society functions.

I saw that the Mayan time was a measure of synchronicity, factors of synchronicity, and that it was cyclical and fractal. And I saw that the 260 count is actually a 13 x 20 ratio, and that this 13:20 ratio is a mathematical constant. It is a constant of time that runs through the universe. The difference between the 13 and the 20 is the 7, your mystical number. The 7, the 13 and the 20 are the key numbers of the fourth-dimensional time that was understood by the Mayans in their mathematical, astronomical and calendarical system.

The History of Time

Now I’m still telling the story about the experience I had in the Museum of Time. It happened in what seemed like an instant but then it takes a long time to unfold. And so I saw that the Mayan measure of time was natural, universal, cosmic time, and that time is a frequency. They knew that time is a frequency of synchronization and that frequency is defined by a mathematical constant of a ratio of 13 to 20. And then I saw that what the Museum of Time was showing me was that the concept of time that developed in the West was originally developed in Babylonia and Sumeria, and then passed down to the Romans. It also spread from Sumeria to India and to China. It went to Egypt. Eventually, it was picked up by Julius Caesar, who gave us the Julian calendar in 45 BC. It is a 12-month calendar with all the uneven dates. The Gregorian calendar is based on the Julian calendar. So, irrationality and illogic is built into our system. That’s why, no matter how many laws you make you can’t keep the criminals down. It’s a crooked system, so naturally you get crooks from a crooked system. You can’t get rid of the criminals and they’re ruling the country. So, this is like the final epiphany of crooked time that we’re experiencing right now, this very moment, no exaggeration.

The Christians picked up the calendar from Julius Cesar, and at the Council of Nicea in 325, they added the seven-day week to it, which came from the Babylonians. In 1452, there was a “Papal Edict” by Pope Nicholas V called the “Doctrine of Discovery.” This edict basically said any Christian who finds a land that’s owned by a non-Christian has the right to dispossess the non-Christian from that land. That’s why most of us are here right now! That became manifest destiny in American history. And so, 40 years later, in 1492, Christopher Columbus was sent off to test that theory, that edict. When he got there, he said, “Wow, do we have real estate.” And within 70 or 80 years, from 1492 to 1562, the Europeans mightily used the Doctrine of Discovery. They laid claim and took over the entire North and South America in one fell swoop in that short time. The Spaniards destroyed the temples, dwellings and the people. It was genocide. They especially erased the intellectual, the elite and the priest class, and burned every book they could find. In 1562, there was a major book burning, probably comparable to the burning of the library of Alexandria. The Bishop in charge of the burning returned to Rome to describe his adventurers and divulge everything that he discovered. One thing that they found out was that the calendar that the Mayans used was better than their calendar. It kept time better and they found out that on their calendar, what was then called the Julian calendar, that they were 10 days off from the solstices and the equinoxes. In 1572, the Bishop was sent back to Yucatan and a new pope was elected in Rome. He took on the name Pope Gregory XIII, an interesting number. And he said, “The first thing I’m going to do is reform the calendar.” So, the calendar reform that came to be known as the “Gregorian calendar reform” was a direct result of the aftermath of the conquest of the Mayan civilization and the discovery that their calendar was more precise and more accurate than the Julian calendar. So, 10 years later, in 1582, 90 years after Christopher Columbus set off, we got the Gregorian calendar. You went to bed on October 5th and woke up on October 16th. They took care of those 10 days they lost. And that’s where that calendar came from. At the same moment in time in history, what is called the mechanical clock attained its perfection.

In the Museum of Time, I saw all this in a twinkling. I saw that the actual measure and understanding of time that the Mayans knew about in their calendar was the mathematical constant ratio of 13:20, which was the natural timing frequency, and I saw that all of modern civilization was based on an artificial timing frequency, which I refer to as a 12:60 frequency. It is the irregular 12-month calendar, with a mechanistic 60-minute hour of the clock. The combination of these two instruments created at that point in time, 1582, an unconscious mental frequency, the 12:60, which is an irregular, chaotic, macro program. This established the basis of the Scientific Revolution in the 17th century, and of the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century. The clock was the first machine. All machine technology is based on the fact that the clock is the first machine. The clock sets the pace for all the machines. And then, it sets the pace of the entire civilization. Once this was in place and because the Europeans had come to conquer and control the world, then this became the dominant frequency of the human species.

The Origin of the Word “Calendar”

The result of this was that from 1750 to the present, in the short period of time of 250 years, the population increased twelvefold, from 500 million to over 6 billion. Over 5,000 years of the history of this cycle of civilization, the population of the human species has increased twelvefold from 3113 BC, when the Mayan measure of the cycle of history begins, to 1750 AD, over something of a little under 5,000 years. During this time, the population went from 200 million to 500 million. It scarcely doubled in that time, but in the last 250 years after that, it increased twelvefold, from 500 million to over 6 billion. You’re actually dealing with an exponential curve. It is an exponential curve that’s based by the machine and by the almighty dollar. “Time is money” is the philosophy of 12:60 time. What does the word “calendar” mean? Calendar comes from a Roman word, which means account book. The meaning of the calendar is it is an account book. “Time is money” is built into the system.

Slowly through the 19th century, other countries accepted the Gregorian calendar. Japan accepted it in 1873, and you can see what happened once they developed that and borrowed all the Western institutions. They became a leading technological power, at least in the second half of the 20th century. And today, all countries virtually have accepted it. China has now accepted the Gregorian calendar as being their official calendar, along with the Chinese lunar calendar.

Why Our Concept of Time is Flawed

What I saw in that moment in the museum was that there was the natural timing frequency and the artificial timing frequency, and that the whole of modern civilization was based and founded in this artificial timing frequency, and as a result, was headed for disaster because the artificial timing frequency creates an artificial structure called the “technosphere.” We live in the technosphere. The Earth itself, what we call the environment, is more appropriately and scientifically described as the “biosphere,” this sphere of life and its support system that encompasses the Earth. Since the beginning of civilized history 5,000 years ago, the human species has slowly been reshaping the biosphere, but very slowly—through irrigation, terracing of mountainsides like in Peru, irrigation, canals and so on—in every part of the world. Then beginning around 1750, boom. The explosion of the 1260 civilization has resulted in the fact that the human species is in an out-of-control state with respect to population growth and the machine. The machine depletes natural resources faster than they can be replaced and creates more waste than can be disposed of. So, if you stop and think about it, how long can we go before there are no more possibilities and we have total chaos. Not too long.

In 1973, the Club of Rome met (bankers, etc.) and determined different future scenarios. They were trying to determine the best thing to do: Shall we increase industrial production, shall we maintain industrial production at the current level, or shall we decrease industrial production in light of what its impact is on the environment? And they decided to go for what is called the “standard world model.”. The standard world model is to maintain industrial production at least at the level it was in 1973 and steadily go with that. It later came to be known as sustainable development, but it doesn’t work. They figured that that would hold maybe till sometime between 2012 and 2020. I’m not sure what they were thinking would happen beyond that, but they figured most of them who were alive then would still be very rich and die with a lot of money before the world ended.

Why Living on Artificial Time is Dangerous

But I saw that this civilization is operating on artificial time. It has no real concept of time and it is devouring its biosphere. It’s burning up its resources and creating global warming. It is destroying species at a very rapid rate and decimating the biodiversity. This civilization is creating a situation which in a very short period of time everything will become even more hellish than it is today. So, I said, “Well, if I know anything at all, it is that there is such a thing as natural time, and so, what are we doing on an artificial time that is destroying ourselves? We’d better get back to living in natural time.” And I instantly also knew at that moment that the first step was to change the calendar. And to get a calendar that would be a harmonic standard, using the Thirteen Moon calendar, with 13 months.

What Does a Calendar Measure?

What does a calendar measure? What a calendar measures is the orbit of the Earth around the sun. That’s what a solar calendar measures. A lunar calendar measures the moon around the Earth. A lunar calendar is not a solar calendar. The 13-moon calendar is a solar-lunar calendar because it uses those two main measures of the moon—one is the 29-and-a-half-day measure, new moon to new moon— it’s called the synodical. And the other is the 27-day measure, the sidereal, which is from where the moon appears in the sky and when it returns to that same place again. Between the 27 and the 29 is the 28-day, which is also the mean measure of the lunar cycle as well as of the female menstruation cycle. So, it’s a biologically accurate calendar for the human species as well as using a lunar measure as the unit of measure. This gets you back to 13. And we know that one of the diseases of civilization is a phobia or fear of the number 13. It’s built into the civilization. It’s been there since Babylon. Why? That’s a very interesting question. My research showed me that throughout most of pre-history, the Thirteen Moon/28-Day calendar was probably the most prominently used instrument of all peoples. Both Egypt and China had it; it’s still in use in South America in the Andean civilization. This is the year 5511 of the Thirteen Moon calendar in South America. Of course, the Mayans had it and so did other peoples of North America as well as in Polynesia, and not to mention the Druids: 13 months, 28 days.

Now, you know it takes 365 days to go around the sun. If you divide the year by a number that’s going to give you the approximate relationship to the moon that’s going around there, there’s going to be 13 times 28 equals 364. That gives you 13 perfect months with 28 days, or 52 perfect weeks. It’s logical. The one day that is left over is referred to as the “day out of time” because it’s no day of the week or the month at all. And in that way, the calendar remains perpetual.

1933: When We Were Supposed to Get a New Calendar

The League of Nations in 1930 announced to the world that on January 1, 1933, the world was going to have a new calendar. You don’t read that in your history books. That was one of the main agendas of the League of Nations. And the most favorite calendar was the 13 month/28-day calendar. The French philosopher August Kant, who invented sociology as a modern discipline, took on the Vatican and said, “We have to change the calendar.” He said it’s obvious that the most logical calendar is the 13 month/28-day calendar. He also found out that the Polynesians used it, and then he found out many other people used it.

In 1933, the calendar reform didn’t happen. The Vatican had a very big propaganda campaign. They said, “If you want to keep the 52 weeks of the year, you have to have a day that’s no day of the week at all. If we have that calendar it will break the succession of the week that was set in motion by God when he created the universe.” And they added, “If we observe that day out of time, it will break the weekly succession, and it will plunge the world into barbarism, chaos and war.” I don’t need to comment on that.

Fortunately, when I was in the Museum of Time I didn’t even know there was an earlier calendar-reform movement. I probably would have dropped in my tracks if I had known how much had been done already and that it went down to dismal defeat and the matter was adjourned indefinitely at the United Nations in 1956. I didn’t know about any of that at all. All I knew was that to save my modern civilization, or in other words, to save the Earth from modern civilization, I knew that the human species had to change its timing frequency and get back into living in the natural cycles of time, and the first step to do this was to change the macro program, the calendar, to replace the Gregorian calendar with the 13 Moon, 28-Day calendar.

Pacal Votan’s Prophecy

In 1992 and 1993, I decided in earnest that I had to announce it to the world. In the meantime, I had decoded the Mayan prophecy of Pacal Votan. Pacal Votan was the Mayan sage whose tomb was discovered in 1952 in the Temple of the Inscriptions located in Palenque, Mexico. I found out some interesting things about that because I had figured out that the artificial timing frequency was 12:60 and the natural timing frequency was 13:20.

The Pascal Votan tomb puzzled people for a long time. What did it mean? It is a very elaborate tomb inside of a pyramid. The tomb was dedicated in the year 692, and it was discovered in 1952—1260 years. That is 12:60. Now, the Mayan cycle closes out in 2012, and that’s really why I’m here. From 692 to 2012—1320 years or 13:20. I saw that the prophecy of time was coded into this tomb

Argüelles’ Time Experiment

If the human species wants to save itself, it has to face up to the fact that it is living an error in time, and it can correct this error first of all by changing the calendar and returning to the most harmonic standard there is, the 13 Moon/28-Day calendar. And if it can do this before 2012, then it will have a chance. So, that was my mission. It was very definitely a mission impossible.

When I announced that I was going to do this, my friends thought that I had gone crazy for sure. But I was undaunted, and I knew I had to live an experiment. I had to live an experiment of 13:20 time.

In 1992, I kissed my credit cards goodbye. I had already left any kind of job three or four years prior. I went around the world a number of times giving my message with no credit card and no money but some people would hear it and say, “You are right, man, here’s some bucks to get to the next place.” I went throughout South America, Mexico, South Africa, Egypt, Russia and Japan several times over with this message. And I found that people could hear it. I stayed away from America for a while because I saw what was happening here, except for when I came to the United Nations in 1995 and 1996. But I found out that everywhere I went that people said, “Hey, there’s some logic to that. Let’s try that.” It is around this time that I started the “Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement,” which is beginning to take root in many countries. Around 1997 or 1998, I finally settled again in North America, in Tucson, Arizona, so I could go to that Kitt Peak Observatory. In late 1998, I settled in Oregon. In the year 2000, I started the Foundation for the Law of Time, which is a nonprofit organization devoted to the mission impossible—the calendar change—and to educating humanity about the Law of Time. The Law of Time is something just like when Newton discovered the law of gravity: It doesn’t mean that gravity didn’t exist before Newton discovered it. The beginning of my discovery of the Law of Time was in the Museum of Time, and then it worked its way through the decade of the ’90s.

Understanding the Law of Time

The Law of Time is a vast and extensive new realm of knowledge based on the fact that time is the universal factor of synchronization, but it’s a knowledge base that is only comprehensible and utilizable if you’re living in 13:20 time, if you’re living in the correct standard of time. Today, there are probably at least a quarter of a million people around the world who have personally accepted changing their timing frequency. And for that reason, we’re preparing for the great calendar change of 2004.

Describing the Dreamspell

One of the tools of fourth-dimensional time we developed is called the Dreamspell: Journey of Timeship Earth 2013. The Dreamspell encodes a psychomythic cosmology known as the Journey of Timeship Earth 2013. It is this cosmology that makes the Dreamspell a psychoactive tool kit for personally engaging you in the fourth-dimensional synchronic order of time. The fundamental premise for making it psychoactive lies in finding your galactic signature—the color, icon and tone that code your date of birth. This combination of factors (color, tone and icon) establishes a mathematical code that allows you to use your galactic signature in mapping increasing orders of synchronicity. There are four colors, 13 tones and 20 icons. The four colors code each of five sets of icons and correspond to the base four-phasic function of the noospheric rainbow brain: red initiates, white refines, blue transforms, and yellow ripens. The icons themselves actually respond to the mathematical code 0-19.

The mapping of synchronicity through use of the galactic signature is done through a set of tools: the Galactic Compass, Journey Board, Oracle Board and Time Atom Cube. The Dreamspell is indispensable for education concerning the radial, fractal nature of fourth-dimensional time and mathematics.

What is the Dreamspell Device?

The Dreamspell device has 18,980 permutations. It’s literally a digital computer—18,980 permutations—the number of days in a 52-year cycle. In a 52-year cycle, when you combine the 260-day cycle with the 13 Moon/28-Day cycle, no day repeats for 52 years. That’s on there. Today is the day of magnetic monkey [July 3, 2003]. It says, “I unify in order to play. Attracting illusion I seal the process of magic with the magnetic tone of purpose. I’m guided by my own power doubled, which means lots of magic. It is my purpose to be a monkey on this calendar. I’m a spectral monkey.” And today is a magnetic monkey, so I have a special affinity with this day of monkeys love to play.

What we’re talking about is replacing a lower illusion with a higher illusion. The lower illusion of time is the calendar and the clock, while the higher illusion of time is timelessness. The whole point of getting into harmonic time and living in natural cycles is naturally coming to being in that condition of timelessness, which is the eternal here and now.

Let’s consider the wavespell of the 26-year countdown from 1987 to 2013. Nineteen eighty-seven was the Harmonic Convergence, which was the end of the fifth sun. Two thousand twelve is the beginning of the entrance to the sixth sun. It really takes full bloom in 2013 with galactic synchronization. Between the ending of the fifth sun in 1987, and the beginning of the sixth sun in 2012 and 2013, is the period called the “separation of the worlds,” or the “splitting of the worlds.”. That’s where we’re living right now. It’s also called the apocalypse. Now, this period of time that we’re in, the “splitting of the worlds,” has, according to the Mayan prophecy of Pacal Votan, a window of opportunity that opens up beginning with the lunar eclipse of November 8, 2003. It is 260 days in length, lasting until July 26, 2004. On the Dreamspell calendar, the November 8 eclipse is on the day “Blue Crystal Storm,” and 260 days later, July 26, 2004, the day of the great calendar change, it’s “Blue Crystal Storm.” So during this period of time there is going to be a heightened activation of consciousness. It’s probably going to activate many destructive types of things happening, but also, there’s the opportunity where we can develop a heightened activation of consciousness of time. When you change your time—when you go from one calendar to another calendar—you are changing your mental frequency.

How to Increase Your Synchronicity

Of course, most of us work in the Gregorian work-a-day world. But even to follow the Thirteen Moon calendar and correlate it with the Gregorian calendar, you’re already increasing your synchronicity. When you put the 260 day cycle in there, you’re actually entering into fourth-dimensional time or living in fourth-dimensional time. If you put your lunar cycles into that, then you are already beginning to live a very rich, harmonious life with much more synchronicity. And that’s the beginning step. As I said, we’ve got over a quarter of a million people on the planet who have taken this option and are doing this. It’s spreading very rapidly, especially in the underground rave culture.

People can get decoded and find out, for example that I’m “Blue Spectral Monkey.” My apprentice and assistant, Stephanie, is “Red Electric Serpent.” My helper, Shamus, is “White Planetary Mirror.” Those are our galactic culture names. What this is all about is bringing galactic culture to Planet Earth. It’s all about implanting the vibrations of the higher galactic order and of the cosmos into our everyday life, and changing our timing sense altogether. This calendar shift is the paradigm shift. Einstein said, before he died, “Since the advent of the nuclear age, everything has changed except for the way people think.” And it’s still as true today as it was when he died in 1955. As a result, he said, “We drift toward unparalleled catastrophe.” So, if you want to change the way people think, then you make one little change, which is changing the calendar. This isn’t July 3rd, it’s cosmic moon 7, “Blue Magnetic Monkey.” And next cosmic moon 7, it will be “Yellow Lunar Warrior.” No two days are the same for 52 years. Each day has an energy or vibrational frequency. There is one of 13 numbers and one of 20 solar frequencies or signs or tribes. Tomorrow will be “Yellow Lunar Human.” The day after tomorrow will be “Red Electric Skywalker.” The day after that will be “White Self-Existing Wizard.”

When we get to July 26th [in 2003], this will be the year of the “White Spectral Wizard.” It liberates and dissolves.

This is the year of the “Great Calendar Change,” where we’re dissolving the old concept of time and liberating us into fourth-dimensional time. We have a date with destiny. And when we make that date with destiny, there are going to be many big events. For the last 10 years, July 25th, the “day out of time,” has been celebrated around the world. Whatever you’re doing that day this year, you have an unique opportunity. You want to get together and have an art, culture, peace and forgiveness-of-debts party. Whatever you are doing, just remember that this day is a “day out of time” event.

Next year [2004], the “day-out-of-time” will be a Sunday. We are planning a three-day event all around the world and we will maximize the publicity so that everybody knows about it. We expect millions of people by that time will have heard about this and will be willing to start living in the new time. We want everybody on the planet conscious of time, and that there’s a choice of time. And that itself will begin to create what we refer to as the mind shift, changing the mental frequency to a more harmonic frequency. Two thousand four to 2012 gives us eight years—two four-year cycles.

Russian Scientists’ Take on Time

The only scientists next to the Mayans who have really gotten into the time thing are Russian scientists. Nicolai Kozyrev was the pioneer, and he discovered that the velocity of time is instantaneously infinite, and therefore that you can’t separate time from telepathy because telepathy is instantaneously infinite. At this very moment, if I exert my telepathy, I can contact one of my Russian friends to see if he’s having his cup of coffee. It’s the same moment in time even though on the clock it’s a different time. But in actual time, it’s the same instantaneous here and now all the way to the end of the universe. That’s how we can channel from someplace way out there and get some information.

However, when we live by stunting, warped and incorrect third-dimensional standards, we create a very low ceiling of concept of time. But when we move to harmonic time, we lift that ceiling. We will be able to access the vertical time vectors of time and different levels of synchronization and synchronicity that will put us in touch. Finally, we’ll be able to say, “Hey, man, I got cosmic consciousness and so do you.” We will be able to begin to live in a new way.

The changes and the implications of all this, of course, are enormous, which is why this book, Time & The Technosphere: The Law of Time in Human Affairs was written. It goes into all aspects of what I’ve been talking about with regard to the Law of Time, to the time change and to the different tools and methods for accessing the actual nature of the fourth dimension. The technosphere is an intermediate artificial structure like a scaffolding. It’s the scaffolding of the next phase of evolution, which is referred to as the noosphere. Some of you have read Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and know that he used the phrase “the noosphere” and he talks about the “omega point.” The omega point is 2012, and the noosphere literally means the mental sphere around the planet. The true mental sphere is not the Internet but telepathy. That’s the true mental sphere. When we reach this, we will be operating like the dolphins and we will be reorganizing our society. We’ll find by 2012 that we really do not need governments after all. Nor do we need money. And we can dispose of much of the machinery we have. For what we need, we can use wind and free energy and solar, and that will do it. Then we will be chastened and cleansed. We will have learned from history, and it will actually be heaven on Earth. Right now, it’s very close to hell on Earth, but we have to make this change.

What is the Harmonic Convergence?

This is the whole philosophy and prophecy of the Harmonic Convergence. The Harmonic Convergence called everybody to go out to sacred sites because we had to become one with nature again. But everyone came back from the sacred sites and made business cards because they didn’t know the nature of time. But we found out, that to fulfill the prophecy, we have to go back to living in the cycles of nature. We have from 2004 to 2012 to make this shift so that in 2012, it’s 13:20.

The choice is ours whether we create hell on Earth or whether we create heaven on Earth. Believe it or not, but the difference between the two is making the shift, changing our time and changing our mind. Who owns your time owns your mind. Own your own time and you will know your mind. That’s the slogan.

This is for everyone on Earth who believes in peace and in bettering the environment. It is for everyone who believes that there shouldn’t be violence against women and that children shouldn’t be exploited. It is for everyone on Earth who believes that Nike shouldn’t have sweatshops in Southeast Asia. How many of them are there? Every time the G7 or the G8 meets, there’s 40 finance ministers and 300,000 protesters. It’s the same ratio. So, we have probably at least five billion people for peace, if not more. If every one of those people says, “Well, if you wanted to make a shift to peace and a time of harmony and you want to make it permanent, just take this calendar and start living on this.”

We’ll have a lot more information available. We are operating the Foundation for the Law of Time. If you want to see the nature of fourth-dimensional time, then take a look at this. Time is not linear, but is radial, fractal and about something totally different than you ever dreamed possible. Time is participatory. Time is one of the forces that we have never controlled. But we can control it, we can live it, and we can enter into the next stage of evolution, where we are living fourth-dimensionally and returning to the garden as a race of Earth wizards.

2012 and the Mayan Prophecy

According to the Mayan calendar and the prophecies, 2012 is the end of a whole evolutionary cycle; 2013 begins a whole new evolutionary cycle. The Russian scientist Vladimir Vernadsky referred to the new cycle of time, which he saw imminent, as the era of the spiritualization of life on Earth. Not just human life, but all life. So, this is where we’re going. This is the great opportunity. We’re not too far from 2012, but we have time to make this shift and move forward and return to the evolutionary mainstream so that we can get our driver’s license renewed and our DNA upgraded.

To do what we have to do in this next year requires a lot of that time stuff called money. So, please, if you feel that you’ve heard anything in this message at all and you feel at all moved, you can put money on our website, or send money to us through our Foundation.

We have been giving away Mayan calendars. They are available in both English and Spanish. They are gifts and not meant to be sold. Your donation funds will help print calendars and help us create the right kind of campaign that we need to make this final push as well as develop educational programs. Incidentally, the Law of Time is written “T” and then “E” equals art. Energy factored by time equals art. And that is why the universe is beautiful, and no one here has ever seen an ugly sunset. Time is art, not money. Do me a favor and get in the right time. Thank you.

Published on: December 28, 2016

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