How to Prepare for the Energy of the Total Solar Eclipse

Published on August 1, 2017

Article by Cathy Coleman for Bodhi Tree

Your Weekly Astrology Forecast for July 30–August 6, 2017

The two August eclipses loom before us: the Partial Lunar Eclipse Monday, August 7, at 15:25 Aquarius, and the Total Solar Eclipse Monday, August 21, at 28:53 Leo that will traverse the United States from Newport, Oregon, through Charleston, South Carolina.

Eclipse events are impossible to predict, and they may occur up to three months before an eclipse or several months after. Perhaps you have already experienced some of the power of this eclipse. Since the Total Solar Eclipse path crosses the entire United States, and both eclipses connect strongly with Donald Trump’s horoscope, we will experience events in our national government and leadership, as we have this past week. The next few weeks promise to be eventful.

The country is buzzing with excitement about this rare, spectacular astronomical event of the Great Eclipse on August 21, whose 70-mile-wide path crosses the country midway between the southern and northern latitudes. As an astrologer, I am interested in how we hold this event in our consciousness, and how we make the most of it. Consider where these eclipses fall in your horoscope (15 degrees of Aquarius/Leo and 28–29 degrees of Leo). If they are within five to six degrees of a planet in your horoscope, their influences will be strong. Perhaps there are, or will be, endings and opportunities for new beginnings in your own life. Take a leap forward with juicy projects and dreams. Be more generative and more generous, and allow your inner light to shine brighter. Think about courageous, creative commitments that you will make at the Solar Eclipse on August 21.

Mercury turns retrograde on August 12, so complete contracts, travel plans and project details now. Soon it will be time to pause and reflect, review and revise.

A Surprising Start to the Week

Sunday, and in effect for a couple of days after, a Venus-Uranus sextile could deliver a few surprising opportunities, such as contacts with interesting people. Do what you love to do. The Moon moves in the deep waters of Scorpio Sunday through Monday. Draw inward and take some time for reflection. The end of the weekend is softened by a dreamy Moon-Neptune trine Sunday evening. A Moon-Neptune connection calls us to a higher, inspired vibration through music, art, or film.

A strong theme this week is the third and last Jupiter-Pluto square, exact on Thursday. This planetary combo exaggerates and expands, and the tense square aspect pushes important matters toward resolution and change. Venus moves into Cancer on Monday, where it will be through August 26, adding to the deep emotional tone of the day already set by the Scorpio Moon. Compassion and caring are supported by Venus’ position in the cardinal water sign Cancer through almost the whole month of August.

Bounce out of bed and head to the gym, or take a run or a hike on Tuesday morning. The Moon is in sunny Sagittarius from early Tuesday through Thursday. Adding to the zest for action is a Moon-Mars trine. Sagittarius rules the hips and thighs, and they want to move, so get going!

Strong Energy Abounds Midweek

Wednesday Uranus is stationary and turning retrograde. When a planet is retrograde, its energy is strong. Midweek churns with chaos, sudden change and unusual activities. Wednesday sports dreamy, expansive planetary activity. Stationary Uranus makes a benefic trine to the Sagittarius Moon on Thursday, so expect some amazing, unexpected things to happen.

Friday is all about work. Benefic aspects make it a good Friday to get a lot accomplished. The Jupiter-Pluto square referenced earlier perfects, making it a dynamic day.

The Capricorn Moon shines its light on the Jupiter-Pluto square on Saturday. The day’s energy is powerful, immense and edgy. It is not a day to sit around and relax—you can do that on Sunday instead. Tackle a big goal or project. The Sun makes a Yod with Neptune and Pluto from Saturday through Tuesday (August 5–9). This is a psychically sensitive aspect. It makes us susceptible to emotional instability, denial, and addictions. We may see more chaotic, de-stabilizing events on the world stage. It would be good to stick to a pure diet, and refrain from alcohol and substances that alter your state of being.

Friendships are highlighted on Sunday. The Moon is in Aquarius, symbolizing humanitarian concerns. Make a donation to a favorite social cause about which you feel passionate. Take an active step to reach out and help someone.

The Week in Short

Sunday: Feelings run deep. Take some quiet time for yourself.

Monday: Feelings still run deep. Compassion and caring are the words for the day.

Tuesday: Bounce out of bed early and get moving! Start the day with exercise or a run (at least a walk)!

Wednesday: Uranus turns retrograde. Chaos, change, and head-turning events abound. (Bodhi Tree suggests meditation to keep you grounded.)

Thursday: Expect the unexpected.

Friday: Dynamic day to get a lot accomplished. Focus on work.

Saturday: Tackle a big goal or project. Bold, expansive, powerful energy abounds.

Sunday: A day for friendship. Make a donation to a worthy cause.

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Published on: August 1, 2017

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