Prepare for an Epic Restructuring in 2020

Published on September 9, 2019

Article by Cathy Coleman for Bodhi Tree

your weekly astrological forecast for september 9 – 15

On January 12, 2020 there will be an exact Pluto-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn, with Mercury there as well. This is a major aspect potent for restructuring, similar to the exact opposition at play on 9/11, 2000. Prepare for this conjunction by getting things in order. Clean house; get rid of clutter, and get rid of encumbrances in your life. Get your financial affairs in order and take precaution. It is not a time for risk and optimism, but fear is not a good response either. There may be market corrections and volatility, but probably not a recession. Fortunately, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction will be followed by Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn alignments which will breathe some expansive energy into this tight, contracted alignment of Saturn-Pluto.

This week five planets continue to shine in Virgo, with Mercury and Venus moving into Libra on Saturday, September 14th. For another two weeks we still have a lot of planetary energy in Virgo to help us get our lives in good order. A great deal of work can be done with efficiency and focused attention.

The South Node and Saturn are exactly conjunct again all week. This is a karmic alignment that invites us to clean up the things that bog us down, and to change worn-out structures that no longer serve us, and then restructure.

The Moon is void of course for long periods again this week–almost all day on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. When the Moon is void of course it is difficult for things to come together. Meetings are usually unproductive, and decisions are not clear and sound,  and often have to be re-thought. During these times it is best to apply yourself to routine tasks, or take a walk or work in your garden. Again, this is a week to plan wisely to make the most of the varied energies.

a foggy start to the work week

The work week may start slowly on Monday, and not so clearly, with the Moon void of course from early in the morning through mid-afternoon. The Sun opposes Neptune today and tomorrow, adding to the foggy start of the work week. Focus on cleaning up whatever small tasks were left from the week before. At 2:24 p.m. PDT the Moon moves into friendly Aquarius. We feel freer in the light of the Aquarian Moon, a great time for gathering with friends.

In the light of the Sun-Neptune opposition, tune into your inner knowing on Tuesday. Allow your intuition to be your guide. Turn your attention to world affairs, and find some way to make the world a better place, such as a friendly gesture, or a donation to a cause about which you care.

The Moon is void of course all day and evening on Wednesday, making it difficult for things to come together. Mars and Jupiter are moving toward a perfecting square, with energy and tension mounting. Our drive to move forward and expand is strong.

compassionate thought, expansive thinking, and psychic sensitivity

The Moon moves into Pisces early Thursday morning, coloring the world a bit more beautiful, and bringing out more compassion and softness. The Moon’s qualities are a sharp contrast to the edginess of the Mars-Jupiter square. We are invited to expand our thinking and doing, and to open to the needs of others, in addition to our own needs.

Friday the 13th sports a Full Moon and numerous aspects, promising an extremely active, full day. The luminaries, the Sun and the Moon, are flanked, and influenced, by numerous other planets. Notably, Mars and the Sun, the hot planets, are close together in Virgo. Moon and Neptune, cool and dreamy, are conjunct. These alignments are squared by Jupiter, amplifying the energies of the planets involved in the Full Moon. All are in mutable signs which are the signs that most easily accommodate flexibility and change (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces). At the same time, Saturn, Pluto, and the nodes are making benefic aspects to this Full Moon, giving energy for accomplishment. There is a great deal of vision, psychic sensitivity, and movement, as well as practical energy for making things happen under the light of this Full Moon. Tune into the multiplicity of choices in your life, and choose your pathways to expand and improve your life.

relationship, beauty, and hard work

The Moon is void of course most of the day Saturday. Attend to routine weekend chores that need to be done, and spend some time in your garden pulling weeds and planting flowers. At 3:32 p.m. PDT the Moon bounces into fiery Aries. Both Mercury and Venus move from Virgo to Libra, the beginning of the shift from personal planets in Virgo earth to Libra air. Our focus will be turning toward relationship and beauty in the coming days.

The Moon is in Aries on Sunday and Monday, one of the four cardinal signs that makes a strong, challenging aspect with Saturn and Pluto. Each week we are pushed by this demanding energy. If we are not in step with the demands of this energy it can feel demanding and harsh. It is best to lean in, get to work, and make the changes that need to happen. On Sunday the Moon squares Saturn. Use the planetary energy still in Virgo, combined with the Moon-Saturn square. to tackle a big clean-up project.

the week in short

Monday: Moon VoC 1:30 a.m. – 2:24 p.m. PDT. Stick to routine tasks, and enjoy an evening with friends.

Tuesday: Turn your attention to world affairs and progressive causes, and allow your intuition to be your guide.

Wednesday: The drive to move forward and expand is strong.

Thursday: Expand your thinking and doing, and be compassionate and sweet.

Friday: Dreamy Full Moon accommodating flexibility and change. Extremely active day.

Saturday: Moon VoC all day until 3:32 p.m; stick to routine tasks while the Moon is VoC. Bold, bright evening good for an evening hike or adventure.

Sunday: Demanding day for work.

Published on: September 9, 2019

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