Extra Small 19th Century Antique Marble Ganesha Relief Statue


Vintage statue of the Hindu God Ganesha


Why We Love This

This unique marble statue of Ganesha, the Hindu God known for adeptness at removing obstacles, makes a unique addition to a pantheon of sacred objects. This multi-faceted deity is beloved by those seeking creative inspiration or looking to add a touch of auspiciousness to a sacred space.


Ganesha is routinely revered as the remover of obstacles, the lord of letters, and the spiritual deity associated with the first chakra. Some even refer to him as The Lord of Success, and he also represents education, knowledge, wisdom and wealth. Ganesha holds a goad, which he uses to drive humanity forward on the eternal path and discharge obstacles. Partner with Ganesha to help bless a new venture, promote creativity, or bless a material practice with an extra dash of auspiciousness. This statue can be displayed in an office, library, or creative space to help inspire access the imagination and come up with fresh ideas.

About the Maker

Since 1976, has found and imported unusual, unique architectural pieces, furniture and art objects from India. Owner/art lover/antique collector Raza Singh personally travels to locales remote, obscure, and urbane to hand select objects of beauty and spiritual significance, often from Vedic and Hindu traditions, and always from India. enjoys a passionate following of top designers, architects, artists, and celebrities and is noted for a longstanding commitment to quality and socially responsible business practices.

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