25 Things Every New Dad Should Know


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Fatherhood doesn’t come with instructions, but¬†25 Things Every New Dad Should Know¬†is here to give some peace of mind. Learn what to expect on the lead up to the final big day when fatherhood starts!

A baby brings great joy to a new father, but also, perhaps, some uncertainty. Don’t let these preliminary nerves get to you and dampen what will no doubt be one of the most joyful day of your life.¬†25 Things Every New Dad Should Know¬†provide information and encouragement to stave back the worry.

A little fear is nothing to be ashamed of. For many men, fatherhood may seem like a new job for which they have had no training or experience. In these pages, pediatricians, and fathers themselves, Robert and James Sears offer reassuring, timeless adviceto help new dads prepare for and embrace their important role.

In an encouraging and light-hearted tone they highlight 25 important facets of becoming a dad and emphasize the rewards and pure joy that come with parenthood. This inspiring read is the perfect gift for any new or expectant father!

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