3 Piece Brass Spirit Chain Wall Hanging

Rustic and refined brass wall décor, available in three-piece, five-piece and eight-piece chains


Why We Love This

Add soul to a room with this handmade brass adornment. Each medallion is crafted in the artist’s Austin studio with traditional metalsmithing tools and methods. Rustic and refined, this talisman is powerful on its own, but we like to group a few together for a bolder statement.


Based upon the spirit chains she made with her German aunt, the artist reinterprets that traditional form for the modern home in these brass medallions. Each organic shape is asymmetrical with rounded edges, like forms found in nature (think stones and leaves). Brass, composed of copper and zinc, is said to have the healing powers to boost the immune system, cultivate courage, and attract health and wealth. Hanging this chain beside a window or among curtains is believed to keep bad dreams away. Though the brass is sealed to prevent tarnishing and maintain its luster, it’s for indoor use only. The three-piece spirit chain measures 21î in length; the five-piece spirit chain is 35î ; and the eight-piece spirit chain is 72î.

About the Maker

Christine Fail is the founder and designer of Fail Jewelry, based in Austin, Texas. With a commitment to understated elegance, the aesthetic of her jewelry and home dÈcor designs are at once organic and delicate. Line and proportion are given the same amount of attention as the choice of materials, whether 14K gold-fill, sterling silver or brass. Each piece begins as raw metal and is cut and hammered, allowing the hand of the artist to be present.

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Weight 6.4 oz




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