Akashic Alphabet


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An artistic, one-of-a-kind, Spiritual-Inspirational Fine Art Gift Book, Akashic Alphabet offers a thought provoking series of vision narratives, coupled with acutely sensitive illustrations, painted by a Master Artist, whose art resides in museums and galleries. Portrayed through an astral lens of light, the vignettes reveal a graceful connection of Oneness found in diverse cultural and spiritual philosophies around the world.

This high quality 10.5″x 12″ hardcover book, bound in white linen saifu cloth, stamped in silver foil, with ribbon marker and specialty weight pages, offers a luxurious presentation.

“His Holiness appreciates your book for its contribution to spiritual and religious harmony and peace in the world.” ~ Tenzin Sherab, Special Assistant to His Holiness the Dalai Lama

“In the ancient world… abecedaries were used exclusively for sacred purposes such as issuing prophecies or communicating with God. Akashic Alphabet is a beautiful book that returns the abecedary to its roots as a spiritual practice. This delightful, spiritual ABC book succeeds in making the veil between the worlds a little thinner.” ~ Raymond Moody, MD, PH.D, bestselling author of 12 books, including, LIfe After Life

“A visual treat showing the A to Z’s of your Akashic record. Oh, and mine too. We are all there.” ~ Fred Alan Wolf, PH.D. author of 11 books, including The Spiritual Universe

Winner of the Pinnacle Book Gold Award Summer 2014, Spiritual category
Winner of the Living Now Spirit Gold Award 2014, Outstanding Book of the Year

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