Al011pi Italian Cashmere Scarf Verne 4

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A hand-finished, Italian cashmere shawl


Why We Love This

Surprisingly lightweight, this cashmere scarf is a wardrobe staple. Made in a mill with a reputation for excellence in quality, this is cashmere that lasts. It’s large enough to use as a wrap, yet pliable enough to fold and loop around the neck.


Made in italy’s capital of cashmere, Zero 11 has been making cashmere for generations and has perfected the process. Dedicated to technical mastery, impeccable design and high quality materials, each scarf is finished by hand with an edge of soft fringe. Cashmere, a type of wool made from the hair of Mongolian goats, is both lightweight and insulating. The raw fibers have a very fine texture, which gives the woven textile its soft feel.

About the Maker

In a family-owned factory in Biella, Italy├▒known as the capital of cashmere├▒Alfredo Magiola and Gian Pietro Tonel use the highest quality Mongolian wool fibers in a unique weaving process to set Zero 11 apart. With respective backgrounds in fashion and interior design, they merge traditions of technical mastery with aesthetics to create the printed double face weaving process that is unique to Zero 11. Each scarf is handcrafted by skilled Italian artisans.

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