All Natural Copal


A bundle of four handmade incense sticks made from the fragrant resin of copal


Why We Love This

Lighting a stick of incense is a personal ritual, a link to tradition, and a sensual connection to nature. Sourced from mother earth, copal incense has a crisp, clean, woody scent similar to pine or frankincense. Its positive energy will purify a space or clear the mind during meditation.


The mystique and power of copal incense goes back as far as Mayan and Aztec cultures. Considered to have a scent particularly pleasing to the gods, it was ceremonially burned as an offering on top of Aztec and Mayan pyramids. Extracted from a sacred, medicinal tree in southern Mexico, copal has long been used to purify the energy of spaces, clear the body of diseases and even to keep mosquitos away. The scent is linked to the crown chakra and so is thought to deepen awareness and encourage pure, positive thoughtsómaking it particularly useful in times of stress. These hand rolled sticks, with no added perfumes, come in a bundle of four.

About the Maker

Adrienne Fisher, the founder of Meraki Nomad, has a Native American background, a wanderer’s curiosity, and a deep appreciation for the sacred arts. A nomadic spirit inspires her company’s handmade goods, sourced through her travels around the world and chosen with a passion for healing and ritual. Her collection of makers’works is curated with a dedication to telling the story of an object, revealing its inspiration, and most of all, its soul.

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