Amethyst Tigela Bowl


Semiprecious, hand-carved amethyst bowl, in varying sizes


Why We Love This

This Tigela bowl is carved from amethyst, said to be one of the most spiritual of all stones. The purple hue draws the eye, and natural variations in the patterns give it an intrinsic authenticity. Holding this bowl in our hands makes us feel more connected to the earth.


Since ancient times, semiprecious stone bowls have been prized for both their magical and aesthetic properties. Each Tigela bowl is handcrafted from amethyst, a stone that’s said to encourage selflessness and spiritual wisdom and instill calmness and clarity. Because it’s honed from natural materials, the shape and pattern vary from piece to piece, and the colors can range from pale lavender to deep purple. Each bowl is approximately 4″ in diameter x 1.75″ high (small); 5.5″ in diameter x 2.25″ high (large).

About the Maker

As a child, Anna Rabinowicz collected stones, a passion that continues to inspire her handcrafted objects for the home. Her accessories for ANNA New York are drawn from nature, fusing ancient, precious materials with a modern sensibility. Rabinowicz—who taught product design at Stanford University and Parsons School of Design in New York—works with skilled artisans in the United States, Brazil and Italy to create objects of beauty from nature.

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Weight 12.6 oz



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