Anatomy : A Regional Atlas of the Human Body

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This fourth edition of Clemente’s classic Anatomy is revised, expanded, and more user-friendly. The atlas includes 135 new figures as well as several hundred redrawn illustrations from the Sobotta collection distributed among the following parts of the atlas: Pectoral Region and Upper Limb; The Thorax; The Abdomen; The Pelvis and Perineum; The Lower Limb; The Back, Vertebral Column and Spinal Cord; and The Head and Neck. New indices of sequential figures for each section serve as excellent study guides to every region of the body.
The notes have been revised and new leader lines added to the figures. The entire layout of the atlas is focused toward quick retrieval of information required by the student or professional. Plus, Clemente has added valuable muscle charts to make this an indispensable learning resource for students of medicine, dentistry, and the allied health fields.

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