Angled Glass Dry Terrarium


An asymmetrical clear planter for indoor spaces



Why We Love This

Trapezoidal glass walls edged in metal make a clear container for planting a tiny indoor garden. We love that with just a little soil, a smattering of pebbles and a little plant or two, we’ve got a low maintenance mini-yard that lives in a modern geometric shape.


It is known that plants improve indoor air quality and, some say, mood too. The transparent walls of this box allow for light and warmth to enter the environment making it the ideal setting for lush growth in a small space. Because this is an open, unsealed terrarium, it’s best suited for succulents since they require scant moisture. Besides using this uncommon glass shape as a home for indoor greenery, it can also be used as a display box. A single object or a collection of favorite possessions can create a personally curated exhibit and conversation piece.

Additional information

Weight 61.8 oz
Dimensions N/A

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