Antique Low-Wall Singing Bowl: Thick

Antique brass singing bowl to create sacred Himalayan sounds


Why We Love This

This is a Manipuri-style bowl, with shorter, thicker walls that radiate richer tones that range between the second and fifth octaves. We love to hear singing bowls in a sound bath or simply to mark a moment of mindfulness. This bowl’s sound reaches deep within for balance and awareness.


This antique, handmade brass bowl was used for hundreds of years in Tibet for ceremonial purposes. Each bowl undergoes a rigorous appraisal to confirm its origin, history and quality, and comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by Shakti. The harmonics of singing bowls have accompanied meditation practices since the time of Buddha. The transformational power of its long-lasting, harmonically balanced sound is both primal and divine. Struck with a mallet or rubbed along the rim, a harmony is released with lingering notes. Also included is a leather-padded Himalayan hardwood mallet, a Tibetan silk brocade cushion on which it sits, and an instruction booklet. It measures 5 ¾”.

About the Maker

Bodhisattva Trading Company, based in Los Angeles, was co-founded by Shakti, an expert at harnessing the energy of singing bowls. Committed to sharing their power with the world, she carefully curates the entire collection of bowls, which are used in many healing disciplines. Shakti believes Tibetan singing bowls don’t just sing, but are expressive tools to help us understand the frequencies we hear and experience in our bodies.

Additional information

Weight 32 oz



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