Apotheke Scented Soy Candle

A 100% natural soy wax candle with woodsy, floral notes and cool mint


Why We Love This

The Rosewood Mint Soy Candle has intensity due to the 100% pure rosewood essential oil, which is said to create a sense of peace as well as foster creativity. We love the addition of rose and cedar oils to the sweet and woody aroma, scenting a space with botanical brightness.


Apotheke designs simple products that enlighten the modern home. Rooted in sensual scents, these handmade, all-natural candles are created with a blend of organic fragrance oils and soy wax. They’re hand-poured into double-walled, old-fashioned whisky glasses, and are packaged in a screen-printed, organic cotton satchel and paper cap. With cotton wicks coated in beeswax, each natural soy wax candle burns for more than 70 hours.

About the Maker

Apotheke combines simple ingredients to create products for body, home and life. Founded and owned by wife-and husband-team, Chrissy Fichtl and Sebastian Picasso, their Brooklyn workshop is dedicated to small-batch lines of soap, lotion and candles. With all products fully handmade and working solely with other independent American suppliers, they’re committed to keeping their process authentic, which is reflected in their high-caliber goods.

Additional information

Weight 10.4 oz

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