Apparatus Cinnamon Projects Scent Duo 11am 10PM 120 Sticks


Incense sticks with morning and evening scents that subtly change over time


Why We Love This

This duo of incense sticks includes a morning scent that’s a mix of ginger, neroli, oud, donka and violet, and an evening scent of iris, tobacco, patchouli and rose. We love how the uplifting day scent inspires focus, while the evening version is more relaxing and sensual.


The earliest incense was created when spices, herbs, twigs and leaves were tossed into a fire to form fragrant smoke. In almost every religion, aromatic oils and powders have been considered a gift from the Gods, symbolic of divine grace. Incense is thought of as the forefather of modern aromatherapy. Apparatus collaborated with Cinnamon Project to create this duo of scents to evoke the essence of different times of day and night. Organic materials and essential oils create a multilayered scent that shifts and unfolds as time goes by. Both stir the senses and the emotions.

About the Maker

The founders of Apparatus like to call their New York–based studio a creative laboratory. It’s where they design and create handcrafted lighting, furnishings and objects, such as their sculptural incense burner, or censer. Creative Director Gabriel Hendifar draws from his extensive work in interior design and fashion, including couture. As head of studio production, Jeremy Anderson brings his potter’s sensibility and well-traveled eye to designing pieces with a timeless, primal beauty. Together they create pieces that fill the home with originality and a touch of the spiritual.

Additional information

Weight 65.6 oz
Dimensions 15 × 8.25 × 8.25 in



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