Arkansas Quartz + Amethyst Metatrons Cube Red Orgone Pyramid

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A handmade resin pyramid with stones of universal light and balance


Why We Love This

An orgone energy tool is made of layers of organic materials designed to channel its own frequencies and transform negative energy. Cast in eco-friendly resin, this pyramid contains an Arkansas quartz crystal, said to be a master healer stone, and an amethyst, believed to inspire moderation and balance. We think it’s a perfect addition to any home altar.


In orgone philosophy, a spiritual concept of life energy, it’s believed that combinations of crystals act as conduits for energy flow. Here, Arkansas quartz crystal, an amplifying stone said to increase the properties of adjacent stones and energies, is set with amethyst, an ancient stone of moderation and beginnings, believed to stimulate and soothe the mind and emotions. The Metatron Cube is a symbol thought to contain every shape in the universe, representing consciousness and the cosmos. This energy tool is also designed to diminish the negative energy of electromagnetic waves emitted from electronic devices and appliances. Cast in eco-friendly resin, the pyramid is a sacred shape believed to perfectly manifest intentions. Note: This is not intended to diagnose or treat health conditions.

About the Maker

Michele Hood, the owner and maker of Lite the Light pyramids, is inspired by the mysticism and possibilities of orgone, a spiritual concept described as a creative force associated with living energy that exists in all of nature. She creates her energy pyramids using environmentally friendly resin, the highest-quality crystals and metals as well as sacred geometry. Her belief in the interconnectedness of all living things informs how she chooses each crystal for its specific healing properties.

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