Art of Being and Becoming


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Hazrat Inayat Khan, a Sufi master and enlightened coach for the western world, writes here his apolitical, non-denominational, personal manifesto of all that he found to be worthwhile and valuable in this collective agreement we call reality.‰_The Art of Being and Becoming‰_ by Hazrat Inayat Khan is a book full of practical advice which actually has the capability to enlighten the reader just through reading. This volume gathers Inayat Khan‰_s teachings on what the Sufis consider the fruit of the whole creation ‰ÛÓ the divine art of creating the human personality. This volume gives methods for training the ego, tuning the heart, and developing will power, all to help one develop and perfect a natural way of being in the world.

‰ÛÏIf there can be a definition of spirituality, it is the tuning of the heart. Tuning means the changing of pitch of the vibration. The tuning of the heart means the changing of vibrations, in order that one may reach a certain pitch that is the natural pitch; then one feels the joy and ecstasy of life, which enables one to give pleasure to others even by one‰_s presence, because one is tuned.‰_ ‰ÛÓ Inayat Khan

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