Art of Sensual Yoga : A Step-By-Step Guide for Couples


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Ancient practices for joining mind, body, and spirit can now become the pathway to deeper, more passionate relationships. Created especially for couples, this unique guide to yoga is designed to take lovers to new levels of caring and intimacy. In practicing the art of sensual yoga, couples can learn to counter the effects of a stressful lifestyle while they discover a greater sense of awareness and sensitivity to each other. Drawing on the spiritual and health benefits of traditional yoga practices, these easy-to-do postures and movements help couples share in a serene state of togetherness, as they establish a special connection that is both physical and spiritual.
Appropriate for beginners as well as experienced yoga practitioners, this beautiful sequence of exercises, lavishly illustrated with more than 100 full-color photographs, teaches lovers to communicate without words and to use their bodies and sense of touch to express the highest forms of emotion.
Previous yoga experience is not necessary to enjoy this book. All you need is an inquiring spirit and a desire to explore and fulfill the full potential of your relationship.

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