Astrological Elements : How Fire, Earth, Air & Water Influence Your Life


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What can I expect from my new Capricorn boss? How can I relate to my Pisces child? Will sparks fly with that cute Leo down the street? It’s easier than you might think to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the people around you–with Sun sign astrology! In this fun and easy-to-use astrology book, Sally Cragin explores all twelve Sun signs through the four elements–fire, earth, air, and water–and reveals colorful details about what each is like in the areas of love, work, friendship, and family. Get the lowdown on what to expect from each Sun sign as a friend, boss, co-worker, spouse or partner, romantic interest, and more. See how all sign pairings get along, how your Sun sign can point you toward your ideal career, and even what to give that luxury-loving Taurus or sensual Scorpio with shopping tips for every sign. Sprinkled throughout are fascinating discussions of past celebrity couples and their astrological relationship dynamics, including Elizabeth Hurley and Hugh Grant, Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, and others. “I LOVE this book. The words slip off the page like silk. I was entertained and enlightened.”–Penny Thornton, internationally noted astrologer and former personal astrologer for Princess Diana.

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