Aura-Soma Pomander Incense with Holder

Incense sticks with a sweet, floral scent


Why We Love This

The organic essential oils of rose, rose geranium and tuberose are combined with the gemstone energy of rose quartz for an incense that’s designed to help foster self-love and self-acceptance. We love that its sweet, floral fragrance helps to create a warm and loving atmosphereósomething we’re always striving for.


Protect and refresh a space with this carefully blended incense, created with ingredients infused with the living energies of color and vibratory tinctures of crystals and gems. According to the maker, the scent of this Pink Pomander Incense helps attune the heart so it may attract love inward and radiate love outward, as well as help harmonize and amplify positive group energy. It may also stimulate creativity. The silver canister contains 30 sticks of incense and a small wooden burner.

About the Maker

Aura-Soma, which translates to ìlight-body,î creates self-discovery products designed to bring a sense of ease and balance to life by working with the colored light that surrounds the physical body. When founder Vicky Wall, a healer and surgical podiatrist, began losing her sight in her later years, she relied upon her lifelong clairvoyant and homeopathic abilities, and this inspired the creation of Aura-Soma. Today, it continues with her predecessor, Mike Booth. In the English countryside, their ìsoil to soulî philosophy is what runs Shire Farm, where all the botanicals that source the biodynamic essential oils that go into their products are sustainably grown.

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