Aura-Soma Pomander & Quintessence Air Conditioner – Set of 10 Sprays

A set of 10 different room sprays


Why We Love This

Essential botanical oils, woods and crystals are thoughtfully blended to create a range of scents to help create a meaningful atmosphere. We love that we get to sample five scents from each of these two fragrance series, vivid Pomander and subtle Quintessence.


Aura-Soma specializes in designing scents that are not only pleasing, but are also meant to have a specific effect. The five Pomander scents are: white, to help bring about the energy of renewal; deep red, to help ground; orange, to help restore balance and encourage insight; yellow, to help with the inner light of self-knowledge; green, to help center and determine direction. The five Quintessence scents are: El Morya, to help strengthen inner will and purpose; Lady Nada, to help bring about unconditional love and self-acceptance; Serapis Bey, to help create new understandings for the opportunity of renewal; St. Germain, to help transform past challenges into positive inner shifts; and Orion & Angelica, to help support beginnings and endings. Only a couple of bursts are needed to transform a space.

About the Maker

Aura-Soma, which translates to “light-body,” creates self-discovery products designed to bring a sense of ease and balance to life by working with the colored light that surrounds the physical body. When founder Vicky Wall, a healer and surgical podiatrist, began losing her sight in her later years, she relied upon her lifelong clairvoyant and homeopathic abilities, and this inspired the creation of Aura-Soma. Today, it continues with her predecessor, Mike Booth. In the English countryside, their “soil to soul” philosophy is what runs Shire Farm, where all the botanicals that source the biodynamic essential oils that go into their products are sustainably grown.

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