Aura-Soma Quintessence Incense with Holder


Why We Love This

Aura-Soma intended this scent to help shed light on the past while drawing on compassion and love. We love the mix of neroli, sweet orange, mandarin and bergamot essential oils, enhanced with the crystal energies of orange calcite, zincite, fire opal and carnelian. To top it off, it also creates a fresh atmosphere.


Aura-Soma was inspired by Kwan Yin, the goddess of compassion, and Lao Tsu, the ancient master alchemist, to create this scent, meant to help one release the past through compassion and understanding. It may also help to transform the past into possibilities of clarity and gratitude. Quintessence Incense is intended to be a self-discovery tool meant to help release and integrate the subtle energies of color in the light that surrounds the physical body in order to bring one to a higher level of inner wellbeing. All the ingredients used are sustainably sourced and selected for their therapeutic properties. The silver canister contains 30 sticks of incense and a small wooden burner.

About the Maker

Aura-Soma, which translates to light-body, creates self-discovery products designed to bring a sense of ease and balance to life by working with the colored light that surrounds the physical body. When founder Vicky Wall, a healer and surgical podiatrist, began losing her sight in her later years, she relied upon her lifelong clairvoyant and homeopathic abilities, and this inspired the creation of Aura-Soma. Today, it continues with her predecessor, Mike Booth. In the English countryside, their “soil to soul” philosophy is what runs Shire Farm, where all the botanicals that source the biodynamic essential oils that go into their products are sustainably grown.

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