Bardo Teachings : The Way of Death and Rebirth


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Bardo Teachings gives readers a precise and vivid description of the way of death and rebirth. It contains a wealth of heretofore untranslated material on the Tibetan presentation of the process of dying, the nature of the intermediate state after death, and the process of taking rebirth. This modest but carefully produced book presents the essence of The Tibetan Book of the Dead in a digestible form.

“Bardo Teachings is remarkable because it reveals a significant portion of the secret tantric path. This is genuine tantra-not a potpourri of Western self-help instructions and fragments of Eastern thought.

“Bardo Teachings is…a teaching on how to traverse the stages of death without fear. It is as true a guide to tantric Buddhism’s view of life and death as can be found in print.”—San Francisco Chronicle

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