Barron’s Anatomy Flash Cards – Paperback


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(box: back & side panels)
Barron’s Anatomy Flash Cards use convenient color-coded thumb tabs to distinguish between ten different body systems, with each card illustrating a specific component in the system. The front face features the titled illustration with numbered pointers. On the reverse, each numbered part is matched with its correct name, followed by a description of the illustrated body part.

  • Fully updated with brand new illustrations and extra labels
  • More than 240 anatomically correct color illustrations
  • Includes a toggle and elastic cord for creating easy-to-carry study sets (box: side panel)

    Now you can view the flash cards online!

    This pack contains a unique code that will grant you access to, where you can view all 264 full-color cards electronically!

    Now, you can:

  • Click to flip each card or roll over the numbered labels to reveal the names of the corresponding images
  • Zoom in on the images for a closer look.
  • View the cards by category or shuffle them to create a different study experience each time.
  • Create personalized playlists to focus on specific material you need to know for big tests! (box: side panel)
  • Introduction & Contents 5 cards
  • Skeletal System 55 cards
  • Muscular System 53 cards
  • Nervous System 35 cards
  • Lymphatic System 7 cards
  • Circulatory System 24 cards
  • Respiratory System 19 cards
  • Urinary System 11 cards
  • Digestive System 26 cards
  • Reproductive System 16 cards
  • Endocrine System 13 cards
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