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Discover yoga’s beauty and gentleness, and all it has to offer when you combinehatha yoga with chakra balancing. Chakras are energy centers that store your feelings and thoughts, both positive and negative. The Beauty of Yoga shows you how to connect with yourchakras as you perform yoga’s physical movements, helping you use that connection to release negative energy or issues.

This book is for you even if you’ve never tried yoga before. You do not need to be able to “do” or “be” anything but yourself, and simply have the desire to lead a healthier, stronger, and more fulfilling life. This easy-to-follow guide contains over 200 photos, along with simple breathing exercises, yoga postures, and meditations that will help you to:

̴ÌÁIncrease flexibility, strength, and coordination
̴ÌÁDiscover how you are connected physically to your emotions and feelings
̴ÌÁIdentify and release negative emotions that block happiness and health
̴ÌÁAchieve deep relaxation and attain a state of inner calm and well-being
̴ÌÁBalance and cleanse your chakras to renew and invigorate your energy field

You can achieve greater physical and emotional health, and gently transform your body, mind, and spirit with The Beauty of Yoga.

In the following excerpt, author Jacine Harrington explains why she wrote The Beauty of Yoga.

The Beauty of Yoga was written to demonstrate yoga’s postures, and to introduce a new approach to yoga,chakra yoga. Most importantly, this book was written to reveal yoga’s beauty and gentleness and how it can promote inner healing and better health. At its most basic level, yoga is a method of reducing stress in your body while helping it become strong and supple. A regular practice of yoga offers you much more!

My approach to yoga, chakra yoga, is unique in that it incorporates exploring and becoming in tune with your emotional and mental body while working on your physical body. As you release on a physical level, you also release on an emotional level, and vice versa. This book will help you recognize this happening in your body, so that you may gain more benefit from your practice of yoga.

Yoga is the union of body and mind. Through its practice, you learn how to come from, and live in, a place of calm and centeredness, discovering a balance in your everyday life.
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