Being Buddha at Work : 108 Ancient Truths on Change, Stress, Money, and Success

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There are lots of books that address how we should take care of ourselves, find calm, and enjoy happiness in a hectic work world. But few of those books apply the lessons of Buddhist thinking as resolution and guidance tools. These questions, though found in the modern day, are actually the core of all Buddha‰_s teachings ‰ÛÒ impermanence, suffering, and the quest for happiness (freedom from suffering). This makes Buddha the kind of consultant or coach we need today in our workplaces.

Following in the tradition of the authors’ first bestseller, this work goes on to explore and answer 101 dilemmas that we encounter at work, with topics ranging from time management, goal-setting, conflict to job dissatisfaction, unemployment, and even workplace trysts. The authors emphasize practical learning and coping, not esoteric insights or metaphysics, applying concrete solutions from Buddhist teachings to real problems in easily digestible chunks.

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