Beyond Death : Visions of the Other Side


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Few visionaries have as detailed and expansive a vision of life beyond death as renowned psychic and seer Edgar Cayce. This latest book presents his discourses on life beyond the physical world. He reveals how our loved ones remain connected to us and may be communicated with. He helps us understand dreams of death and dying, dreams in which the dead appear or communicate. He explains the nature of our mind, its multi-levels, and how it may venture beyond physical consciousness even while we are incarnate. Of course, Cayce also presents his insights into reincarnation and how we souls travel together through many lifetimes, even with our pets. He explains how life is truly continuous, how the mind and soul never die. From his perspective, it is not a death, but only a transition to the other side and many realms of activity and learning, all leading to a realization of our ultimate purpose for existence.

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